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New Zealand sea sponge populations ‘dying by the millionsdue to climate change

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Shocking images have emerged from New Zealand showing millions of once-velvety brown sea sponges bleached bone white, the worst mass bleaching event of its type ever recorded, marine scientists say. The alarming di...

EPA spends millions from Biden’s COVID bill on climate change programs, EV Rideshares, ‘pruning workshops

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Lo scorso aprile, the EPA announced it was awarding $ 200,000 each to dozens of projects "focusing on COVID-19 impacts, as well as climate and disaster resiliency" nel "underserved communities" through its Environmental Ju...

As summer officially begins, millions have already suffered sweltering heat with little hope for quick relief

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Though summer officially begins on Tuesday, millions of Americans have already been buffeted by triple-digit temperatures and dangerously high heat, which is only expected to continue as a second wave of extreme hea...

Millions impacted by monsoon flooding in Bangladesh and India

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Four million people have been impacted by flooding in northeastern Bangladesh, secondo il dott. Enamur Rahman, the country's State Minister for the Ministry of Disaster Management. The situation could soon worsen, w ...

Ondata di caldo che crea una "situazione pericolosa".’ negli Stati Uniti meridionali poiché questa settimana milioni di persone sentiranno temperature a tre cifre

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Più di 65 milioni di persone dalla California al Tennessee sono in allerta per il caldo domenica, poiché le temperature pericolosamente alte persistono nel sud-ovest e nelle pianure meridionali e centrali. Tra il caldo al...

Millions of veterans fighting the effects of toxic exposure from burn pits waiting on stalled Senate bill

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Myatt fought an aggressive leukemia for three years, followed by a skin cancer diagnosis, and he now has a problem with his lungs, likely from inhaling toxic fumes during his time in Iraq. "When I was initially dia...

Kirk Cameron touts parent-led homeschooling movement as millions say goodbye to public schools

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Cameron told Watters there's this "great awakening" that's taking place and parents are waking up, noting the coronavirus pandemic shined a spotlight on what kids are learning in schools. "This is such an exciting ti...

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says league lost ‘hundreds of millions of dollarsdue to China fallout, touches on Brittney Griner situation

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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver admitted the league had lost "hundreds of millions of dollars" in revenue following a controversial fallout with China in October 2019. A tweet in support of pro-democracy supporters in...

Stacey Abrams on board of foundation awarding millions to woke professors pushing prison abolition, CRT

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Abrams, who is taking another shot at running for Georgia governor, is currently listed as a board member at the Seattle-based Marguerite Casey Foundation, a private grant-making foundation named after Marguerite Cas...

Their mom was killed in Uvalde, then their dad died of a heart attacknow people are donating millions for their family

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An online fundraiser for the children of Irma Garcia, a beloved schoolteacher killed in the Uvalde, Texas, sparatoria a scuola, and Joe Garcia, suo marito, who died of a heart attack days later, has raised more than $ ...

Milioni del disegno di legge di soccorso COVID di Biden sono andati al museo, programmi universitari che spingono il sociale, giustizia climatica

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Il piano di salvataggio americano (ARP) Atto, che i Democratici hanno approvato a marzo 2021 senza alcun sostegno repubblicano, è stata fatturata dal Partito Democratico come una necessità economica per far passare il Paese attraverso l'emergenza COVID-19..

National parks prepare for millions to visit this summer; some now require reservations

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Millions visit Yosemite every year, and the demand to visit national parks has increased. It's created overcrowding, and visitations are reaching record numbers. Più di 297 million visits were made to national par...

Oz fights off McCormick’s millions and Barnette’s surge in final days of Pennsylvania Senate primary

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Secane, Pennsylvania Celebrity TV host Mehmet Oz arrived at a fire station in a small town outside Philadelphia on Saturday, seeking to convince the roughly 25 people gathered that he was a real part of the MAGA mov...

Prize payments for an $86 million Mega Millions jackpot are suspended after a lottery host’s error

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We all make mistakes, but for a host of the Mega Millions lottery, it's a potentially costly one: Prize payments for all Mega Millions tickets have been temporarily suspended after host John Crow incorrectly read th...

Tulsi Gabbard torches President Biden for ‘essentiallycalling millions of Americans ‘terrorists

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TULSI GABBARD: When you look at the President of the United States of America calling millions of Americans, essentially terrorists, people who politically opposed him or voted against him, he's calling them terroris...

Biden is playing dumb about how he made millions of dollars: Dana Loesch

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DANA LOESCH: This is cash that they need to be completely transparent about. Even though there was that window where he [Biden] wasn’t in D.C., there was the leveraging of the vice presidential office. If you remembe...