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Ten minste 11 dood, dozens trapped in Russian mining accident

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Ten minste 11 people died in an accident at a coal mine in Russia's Siberia on Thursday, plaaslike owerhede gesê, as emergency workers tried to rescue dozens more miners who were still trapped deep underground. Coal du...

Indigenous boysdrowning prompts allegations over illegal mining

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The drowning of two young boys in a river in the Brazilian state of Roraima has local community leaders asking if illegal mining played a role, amid a national debate over protections for Brazil's Indigenous communi...

Rolls-Royce reveals giant hybrid mining truck concept

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Rolls-Royce plc – which we'll clarify is a separate entity from the luxury car brand -- has revealed a hybrid mining truck powertrain it is developing in partnership with Indiana-based Flanders Electric. The concept ...

Brazil’s indigenous tribes protest bill that would allow commercial mining on their land

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Sao Paulo, Brazil Indigenous groups gathered in Brazil's capital on Monday to demonstrate against a bill proposed by the federal government that would legalize mining on their lands. Carrying banners reading "Invade...