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Gingrich: ‘Very dangerous timewith police being vilified, especially for minorities

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Gingrich told host Sean Hannity that such danger is especially true in minority communities, where statistically there has been the most exponential increase in violent crime rates as police are either prevented from...

Canada’s parliament says China committed genocide against Muslim minorities

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Ottawa Canadian lawmakers have overwhelmingly approved a non-binding motion accusing China of committing genocide against its Muslim minorities in the western region of Xinjiang, further straining ties between the tw...

TikTok is giving 10 kolleges $10 million to boost minorities in healthcare

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If nothing else, 2020 has shown just how important healthcare workers and public health experts are. So, in an effort to show their support, TikTok is donating $ 10 miljoen aan 10 colleges serving underrepresented s...

In nursing homes and assisted living communities, minorities suffer most from Covid-19, navorsing sê

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Older racial and ethnic minority residents in nursing homes and assisted living communities in the United States and their caregivers have been hit hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic, according to new research by the ...

New ads encourage minorities to roll up their sleeves and participate in coronavirus vaccine trials

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A group funded by the National Institutes of Health has released a series of emotional television ads asking Black people and Latinos to roll up their sleeves and become study participants in clinical trials for cor...