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Rangers score 3 in final 6 minutos, rally past Sens 3-2

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The Rangers have won four straight, all on the road. Alexandar Georgiev made 26 ahorra. Ottawa led 2-0 after Josh Norris' goal early in the third period, but the Senators unravelled late. Kreider scored a power-play g...

Now that guns can kill hundreds in minutes, Supreme Court should rethink the rights question

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Jennifer Tucker is an associate professor of history at Wesleyan University, Vice President of the Association of Firearms History & Museums, and co-editor of "A Right to Bear Arms? The Contested Role of History ...

From Katie Couric to ’60 Minutes:’ Mainstream media’s most deceptive edits, misleading footage

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Couric cut portions of Ginsburg's answer in 2016 criticizing athletes protesting the national anthem. El primero "Hoy dia" co-host said she was "conflicted" about including the justice's comment that NFL players such a...

El show tardío, con Joe Biden: El presidente en promedio es más de 20 minutos de retraso para sus eventos

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Lo que Biden no abordó es el cuello de botella que lo llevó a ser 38 minutos tarde para su 2:20 evento de la tarde. Tampoco se disculpó por hacer esperar a todos.. Quizás sintió que no había necesidad, porque esto...

Monica Lewinsky’s ’15 Minutes of Shame’: 5 things explored about cancel culture in the doc

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Muchos, including Hollywood stars, have been subject to intense public scrutiny over a variety of topics or actions, occasionally resulting in someone being "canceled," meaning their careers and personal lives take a d...

Monica Lewinsky discusses cancel culture in ’15 Minutes of Shameofficial trailer: ‘I was Patient Zero

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"Imagine waking up with the whole world talking about you because your mistake, your secret, has now been made public. Trust me: I know a little something about this. I was Patient Zero of having a reputation destroy...

Recordando 9/11: Barbara Olson luchó por la vida hasta sus últimos minutos, ahora Ted Olson también lo hace

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Se las arregló para llamar a su abogado general marido, Ted Olson, dos veces desde la parte trasera del avión donde los terroristas, armado con cuchillos y cortadores de cajas, arreaba a los pasajeros. Ella denunció el secuestro a bordo de América..

El velocista con discapacidad visual se involucra en la pista minutos después de la carrera Paralímpica

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Keula Nidreia Pereira Semedo no ganó el oro en los Juegos Paralímpicos pero la atleta caboverdiana pudo haber recibido algo aún mejor. Después de terminar la eliminatoria de clasificación T11 200m en cuarto lugar el jueves, la visua ...

Great White shark circles Coast Guard boat for several minutes

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A Coast Guard boat recently shared a video of an unusual encounter with a shark. The animal circled the vessel for several minutes and, according to the coastguard, seemed just as intrigued with the sailors as they w...

Paralímpico es despojado de medalla de oro por llegar tres minutos tarde

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Todos hemos estado allí: llegar unos minutos tarde a un evento importante, un almuerzo o una reunión con amigos. Pero en el caso del lanzador de peso Muhammad Ziyad Zolkefli, su tardanza le costó una medalla de oro en el Paralímpico de Tokio..

Eating a hot dog could take 36 minutes off your life, estudio dice

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You may want to skip the toppings on your next hot dog, or skip it altogether: Health researchers at the University of Michigan have found that eating a single hot dog could take 36 minutes off your life. In their s...

Eating 1 hot dog claims 35 minutes off life, study suggests

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Findings included over 5,000 foods in the U.S. diet classified by health burden and environmental impacts. "We use the results to inform marginal dietary substitutions, which are realistic and feasible," authors wrot...

Pentagon admits al Qaeda has a ‘presence’ in Afghanistan minutes after Biden says they are ‘gone’

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BIDEN DEFENDS HANDLING OF BOTCHED AFGHANISTAN WITHDRAWAL, SAYS CAN'T GUARANTEE OUTE "Let’s put this into perspective here," Biden said during a press conference Friday defending the decision to withdraw from Afghanis...

‘Minutes to Hiroshima’: The story behind the atomic bombings that ended WWII

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In Fox Nation’s "Minutes to Hiroshima," Martha MacCallum discusses the efforts that went into the making of the atomic bombs and their deployment 76 hace años que. En 1939, physicists Leo Zijlaard and Albert Einstein se...

Michael Jordan was ready to ‘torch’ broadcaster minutes after winning his last title

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Appearing on The Ryen Russillo podcast, Dan Patrick recounted an interview that highlighted Jordan’s competitiveness. After MJ’s iconic shot over Bryon Russell clinched a Bulls three-peat and Jordan’s sixth title, él...

MSNBC gives Avenatti prison sentence less than 2 minutes of coverage after inviting him on-air over 100 veces

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MSNBC once had a steamy love affair with Michael Avenatti when he dominated the news cycle with his attacks against former President Donald Trump, but the liberal network appeared to get over its anti-Trump crush whe...

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