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Laura Ingraham: When embraced, liberal policies bring misery for everyone

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LAURA INGRAHAM: For years, Republicans essentially just wrote off California as they had New York and New England states — not going to worry about campaigning there — can't win there, right? For the presidential. We...

Gutfeld: Is more politics just more misery?

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That's according to University of Nebraska experts, who claim that four in 10 people cite politics as a top life stressor. It's so bad that it causes insomnia, destroys relationships, and for at least five percent, c...

Burgess Owens blasts Cori Bush’s ‘defund police’ rhetoric: Liberal policies ‘bringing misery’ to cities

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BURGESS OWENS: When you look at her district, there's no traditional family, there's no business. … This is the American culture, the American strain of Marxism. And so do not expect anything but what we see. Their c...

Karol Markowicz: COVID and our kids — stop the masking misery and let our children live

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This, even as fresh evidence mounts that kids aren’t at risk from COVID-19 and aren’t spreaders — and that school closures do them grave harm. A study out of the UK released last week proved — once again — what we’ve...

Pacific Northwest expected to endure oppressive heat this weekend amid the West’s drought misery

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Parts of Oregon and Washington state will be under an excessive heat watch this weekend as scorching, possibly record-breaking heat settles into the region. The excessive heat watch will go into effect Friday aftern...

Stephen Miller blasts Mayorkas: Open borders policy making US ‘complicit’ with groups ‘profiting off misery’

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On "Fox News Primetime," host Brian Kilmeade noted that Vice President Harris – whom President Biden tapped as the authority figure on the border – has yet to visit the overrun DHS child detention facilities in Texas...

Browns owners finally in good spot after years of misery

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Stifled by the pandemic, Cleveland's getting on its feet. The Browns are already standing. Last season's playoff appearance — the first since the 2002 season — has ratcheted up expectations for the Browns, who over...

Central Tennessee braces for more weather misery after weekend flooding killed 7 people and caused widespread damage

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After enduring widespread flooding -- that killed seven people, knocked out power to thousands and damaged homes and businesses -- Central Tennessee is bracing for more potentially devastating rainfall. Over 2.5 mil...