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Sarah Jessica Parker is not here for your ‘misogynistageism

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Sarah Jessica Parker is tackling criticism of her looks as she grows older. Parker says she and her former "Sexo y la ciudad" co-stars have received some negative comments over how their physical appearances have c...

Plymouth shooter made misogynist remarks echoing the ‘incel’ ideología

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London Jake Davison, the 22-year-old man who shot dead five people in the English city of Plymouth on Thursday, made repeated misogynist remarks on social media that echoed the ideology of "incel," a movement of men ...

Georgia police chief and officer pushed out over racist, misogynist remarks caught on camera at BLM rally

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The police chief and a patrolman in a small Georgia town have been pushed out of their jobs after they were caught having a racist, misogynist conversation while preparing to patrol a Black Lives Matter Rally in Jun...