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US Air Force test to launch ultra-fast hypersonic missile fails

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The US Air Force's new hypersonic missile program suffered a blow Monday after it failed to launch from a B-52H Stratofortress bomber aircraft flying from Edwards Air Force Base in California. "B-52H Stratofortress...

Iran unveils underground missile base on Gulf coast, state media says

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Iran has unveiled an underground base for "strategic missiles" on its Gulf coastline, volgens staatsmedia. Video broadcast by state media Friday showed the head of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards, Major Gen...

Russian missile drill triggers false alarm at US military base in Germany

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A Russian military exercise triggered an unusual warning at a critical US military base in Germany on Saturday that ballistic missiles had been launched, according to multiple US defense officials. The warning at R...

Trump gaan onder druk van die Kongres om Turkye oor die Russiese raketafweerstelsel te sanksioneer

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Die Trump-administrasie sal Turkye goedkeur vir die aankoop van 'n Russiese lug-en-lug-missielstelsel meer as 'n jaar nadat Ankara die wapens oorgeneem het, 'n vertraging wat die Kongres so gefrustreer het dat wetgewers ...

Satellite images indicate Russia is preparing to resume testing its nuclear-powered cruise missile

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Washington New satellite images obtained by CNN indicate Russia is preparing to resume test flights of its nuclear-powered cruise missile at a previously-dismantled launch site near the Arctic Circle, according to ex...

North Korea unveils massive new ballistic missile in military parade

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Hong Kong North Korea unveiled what analysts believe to be one of the world's largest ballistic missiles at a military parade celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Workers' Party broadcast on state-run television o...

India tests missile that launches a torpedo hundreds of miles away

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Hong Kong India says it has successfully tested a missile armed with a torpedo that could in theory strike enemy submarines more than 400 myl (643 kilometers) away. Dubbed the SMART (Supersonic Missile Assisted Rel...

Leaders spar over missile attack claims in Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict

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The president of the contested Nagorno-Karabakh region warned citizens in large cities of Azerbaijan Sunday to leave to avoid "inevitable loss" after he said Azerbaijan targeted civilians in the region's main city o...