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Biden set to arrive in South Korea with worries growing over possible North Korean missile test

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Seoul President Joe Biden arrives here Friday on a mission to reaffirm a key alliance at an uncertain moment in East Asia. Even as the war in Ukraine has preoccupied Washington -- and took up the first half of Biden...

US Air Force tests troubled hypersonic missile

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Washington The US Air Force carried out a successful test of its troubled hypersonic missile over the weekend, one month after announcing the program had suffered delays because of "recent flight test anomalies." Th ...

Russia pounds Odesa with missile fire, Zelenskyy warns of global food crisis amid port city blockade

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At least one person was killed and five were injured after Russian missiles targeted a supermarket, Reuters berig. An Ukrainian firefighter works near a destroyed building on the outskirts of Odesa, Ukr...

North Korea tests suspected submarine-launched missile

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South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said the launch occurred from waters near the eastern port city of Sinpo, where North Korea has a major shipyard building submarines, but it didn’t immediately say how far the miss...

North Korea fires ballistic missile into Sea of Japan

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North Korea fired a short-range ballistic missile -- likely launched from a submarine -- into the waters off the east coast of the Korean Peninsula, South Korean authorities said on Saturday. South Korea's Joint Chi...

Geraldo to Piers Morgan: Russian invasion puts global security risk at level of Cuban Missile Crisis

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In an interview with Fox Nation host Piers Morgan, Rivera said the mutually-assured-destruction dynamic that prevents such dangers is at risk with an "insane" autocrat like the former KGB agent at the top of the Krem...

Missile strikes hit Odesa, doodmaak 5, as Russia looks south for Black Sea domination

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Ukraine presidential chief of staff Andriy Yermak said five people, including a three-month-old infant, doodgemaak is. The city council said they believed the cruise missiles were fired from a TU-95 bomber from the Cas...

Biden administration ending anti-satellite missile tests, urges other nations to join

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Vice President Kamala Harris announced the ban in a speech at the Vandenburg Space Force Base in California on Monday, "We are the first nation to make such a commitment, and today, on behalf of the United States of...

Russian navy evacuates flagship in Black Sea. Ukraine claims it was hit by a missile

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One of the Russian Navy's most important warships is either floating abandoned or at the bottom of the Black Sea, a massive blow to a military struggling against Ukrainian resistance 50 days into Vladimir Putin's in...

Ten minste 30 Praat tydens 'n seremonie ter viering van Iran se nasionale dag van kerntegnologie

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Praat tydens 'n seremonie ter viering van Iran se nasionale dag van kerntegnologie, Praat tydens 'n seremonie ter viering van Iran se nasionale dag van kerntegnologie 30 mense, twee kinders ingesluit, Praat tydens 'n seremonie ter viering van Iran se nasionale dag van kerntegnologie.

‘This invasion is horrifying’: What it’s like on the ground in Lviv following Russian missile attacks

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'N Weergawe van hierdie verhaal verskyn in CNN se What Matters nuusbrief. Om dit in u inkassie te kry, teken gratis hier in. Washington At least five people were reportedly injured over the weekend after at least two missile...

Noord-Korea: Kim Jong-un stars in wild Top Gun-inspired video to showcase newest missile launch

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Die VSA. condemned Thursday's test launch of the Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile and hit North Korea with new sanctions. But Kim heralded the test as a show of force that would deter future U.S. milita...

North Korea tests ‘possible ballistic missile,’ Japan says

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Seoel, South Korea North Korea fired a "possible ballistic missile" on Thursday into the waters east of the Korean Peninsula, the Japanese Prime Minister's office said in a statement posted online. South Korea also r...

Russia claims to hit Ukraine with hypersonic missile, expert warns it is part of Putin’s ‘strategic plan’

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Fox News Digital has been unable to confirm whether Russia actually did for the first time launch a hypersonic missile in a combat setting, but Russia expert Rebekah Koffler said that even the suggestion of launching...

Oksana Shvets, famed Ukrainian actress, killed in Russian missile strike

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Acclaimed Ukrainian actress Oksana Shvets has been killed in a Russian rocket attack on a residential building in Kyiv. The Young Theater -- a Ukrainian theater troupe she had been part of since 1980 -- announced th...

North Korean missile explodes in air in failed launch from Seoul

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Details of the missile explosion weren’t immediately known. But the launch, the 10th of its kind this year, shows North Korea is determined to press ahead on its push to modernize its weapons arsenal and pressure its...

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