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Debris from Russian missile test nearly strikes a Chinese satellite

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A piece of debris created by Russia's recent anti-satellite test came within striking distance of a Chinese satellite Tuesday, in an encounter the Chinese government has called "extremely dangerous." The Russian deb...

North Korea says it will reconsider its moratorium on nuclear and long-range missile tests

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Seúl, South Korea North Korea said it will bolster its defense against the United States and evaluate "restarting all temporally suspended activities," according to state media KCNA on Thursday. The announcement is...

US ‘sleepwalkingtoward new ‘Cuban Missile Crisiswith Kremlin that could harm homeland: Russia expert

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En "Tucker Carlson esta noche," host Tucker Carlson implicated media figures in what he said was cheering on a potential conflict with a rival nation that has a 4,000-strong nuclear weapons arsenal. Carlson criticized J...

Biden admin hits North Korea officials with sanctions over hypersonic missile test

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North Korea has now held two tests in the past week, both of which it claimed were successful. The tests involved a hypersonic glide vehicle, which was released from a rocket booster and demonstrated "glide jump flig...

Flights at West Coast airports briefly grounded around same time North Korea fires apparent ballistic missile

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It was not immediately clear whether both incidents were related. The FAA did not immediately respond to multiple requests from Fox News for information. NORTH KOREA ANNOUNCES SECOND HYPERSONIC MISSILE TEST WAS SUC...

porcelana, Rusia, North Korea reportedly have successful hypersonic missile tests on heels of America’s failure

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The Wednesday launch marks the second successful test of a hypersonic missile by North Korea and the second test in two months. The new test proves North Korea has no intention of backing down and disarming and will ...

North Korea launches suspected ballistic missile for first time in two months

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The launch came in the early hours of Wednesday morning, according to the South Korean and Japanese militaries. It's unclear where the suspected missile landed or if it caused any damage. "We find it truly regrettab...

Russia says Zircon hypersonic missile hit target in latest test

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MoscowRussia said on Monday it had carried out another successful test launch of its Zircon hypersonic cruise missile, hailed by President Vladimir Putin as part of a new generation of unrivaled arms systems. The mis...

Satellite images appear to show China is making significant progress developing missile silos that could eventually launch nuclear weapons

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Washington Rapid construction at three suspected silo fields in China -- which could eventually be capable of launching long-range nuclear missiles -- appears to indicate that Beijing is putting substantial efforts a...

Ataque con misiles contra mezquita y escuela religiosa mata y hiere 29 Civiles yemeníes, dice ministro

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Un ataque con misiles balísticos hutíes contra una mezquita y una escuela religiosa muere y resulta herido 29 civiles, incluyendo mujeres y niños, en la provincia yemení de Marib, dijo el ministro de información del país en un estado..

Mike Pompeo emite una severa advertencia después de que China dispara un misil hipersónico con capacidad nuclear

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MIKE POMPEO: "Lo que hicimos durante cuatro años fue dejar en claro a la gente de Taiwán que estaríamos allí para apoyarlos., para proporcionar lo que necesitaban para poder defenderse. Y le dejamos claro a la Comunidad China..

North Korea has fired at least one ballistic missile from the country’s east coast, las autoridades dicen

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Seúl, South Korea North Korea fired at least one ballistic missile from its eastern coast on Tuesday morning, according to South Korean and Japanese officials. The launch took place in the port city of Sinpo, Hamgyo...

Reps. McCaul sounds alarm on China missile test: ‘This is what we’ve been worried about

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LA PRUEBA DE MISILES HIPERSÓNICOS CON CAPACIDAD NUCLEAR CHINA SORPRENDE LA INTELIGENCIA DE EE. UU.: REPORT MICHAEL MCCAUL: This is the most advanced, most dangerous weapon system that we cannot defend ourselves from. We knew they had these m...

Chinese nuclear-capable hypersonic missile test surprises US intelligence: Reporte

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The missile launched in August and circled the globe before speeding towards its target, which it missed by about two-dozen miles according to three individuals briefed on the intelligence. Two of those individuals s...

Russia test fires submarine-launched hypersonic Tsirkon missile for first time

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MoscowRussia said on Monday it had successfully test launched a Tsirkon (Zircon) hypersonic cruise missile from a submarine for the first time, a weapon President Vladimir Putin has lauded as part of a new generation...

North and South Korea restore communications amid missile strikes

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Seoul’s Unification Ministry reported that liaison officials from the two countries exchanged messages over a cross-border communication channel on Monday morning, la Associated Press informó. The communication bro...

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