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‘Your World’ on Russian missile strike near Poland-Ukraine border

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NEIL CAVUTO, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: All right, thank you, Martha.We are on top of the same developments you have been following right now, a little too close for comfort. That's the big story, as Russian airstrikes get ver...

Pakistan demands joint probe into ‘accidental’ missile fired by India

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Pakistan on Saturday demanded a joint probe into a missile India said it accidentally fired into its territory, rejecting New Delhi's decision to hold an internal inquiry into the incident and calling on the internat...

US steps up intelligence and surveillance efforts on North Korea following multiple missile launches

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The United States is increasing its readiness in the Indo-Pacific region against North Korea, intensifying "intelligence, readiness and surveillance collection activities" related to North Korea following recent bal...

Ukrainian US college grad: ‘We just had to leave’ after Russian missile strike

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"I'm not easily scared, [but] we don't know when we're going to get bombed or die," Shevchenko told Fox News in an interview Tuesday.   

Ukraine-Russia war: CCTV shows missile strike on government building in Kharkiv

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"Fox & Friends" aired footage which originally appeared in a Sky News blog post on Ukraine. In the video, cars drive past the Kharkiv Region state administration building on the Freedom Square in eastern Ukraine....

Footage appears to show Ukrainian drone destroying Russian missile system

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine continued for a fifth day on Monday, Feb. 28. Ukrainian forces have offered stiff resistance as Russia launched attacks from Crimea in the south, an attack on the second-largest city o...

Russian missile strikes Ukrainian civilian oil depot south of Kyiv, official says

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"A missile attack launched on the oil depot in Vasilkov near Kyiv," Ukrainian MP Anna Purtova told Fox News around 2 a.m. in the region.  Video RUSSIA INVADES UKRAINE: LIVE UPDATES She described it as an "ecologica...

Kyiv high-rise apartment building hit by missile strike

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The strike set the building on fire and left a massive hole and an evacuation was underway, the government said.  There was no immediate word on any potential fatalities or injuries.  (State Emergen...

Hawaii helicopter crash: US Navy contractor IDs 4 killed near Kauai missile facility

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Croman Corp., the civilian contractor working for the U.S. Navy that was flying the Sikorsky S-61N helicopter, identified the aircraft's chief pilot Wednesday as Daniel Maurice, 64, of Lyle, Washington. The three oth...

Military responding to crash of contractor helicopter in Hawaii near Kauai missile facility

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A PMRF statement said emergency personnel at the facility responded to the crash just after 10 a.m., near the north area of the Barking Sands installation. The helicopter was flying in support of a range training ope...

UAE intercepts ballistic missile during Israeli President’s visit

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Monday intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile in the third such incident this month, according to authorities, as the Israeli President visited the country. "The attack did...

White House still eager for talks with North Korea, but sees missile tests as destabilizing

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A string of provocations from North Korea -- including its most powerful ballistic missile test in years over the weekend -- could be designed to extract concessions from the United States ahead of potential negotia...

North Korea fires missile into sea off east coast

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If confirmed, this would be North Korea's seventh rocket volley of the year as leader Kim Jong Un has said he wanted to bolster the military with cutting-edge technology at a time when talks with South Korea and the ...

UAE summons people for sharing videos of missile attack interception

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Dubai The United Arab Emirates public prosecutors' office said on Wednesday it had summoned several people for sharing videos showing defense systems intercepting Monday's missile attack by Yemen's Houthi movement. T...

Ukraine: 5 soldiers shot dead inside missile factory, shooter on loose

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The gunman-- who is now on the run-- reportedly grabbed an AK-47 and ammunition from the facility before opening fire at about 4 a.m. local time, Deutsche Welle, the German news outlet, reported. Five other soldiers ...

Debris from Russian missile test nearly strikes a Chinese satellite

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A piece of debris created by Russia's recent anti-satellite test came within striking distance of a Chinese satellite Tuesday, in an encounter the Chinese government has called "extremely dangerous." The Russian deb...