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Russia suspending mission to NATO in response to staff expulsions

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Moscow Russia will suspend its permanent mission to NATO in response to the alliance's expulsion of eight Russians, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Monday. Moscow's suspension of its mission could come into effe...

China begin 3 ruimtevaarders op die missie van 'n ruimtestasie van 6 maande

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Die ruimtetuig Shenzhou-13 met die drie ruimtevaarders is gelanseer deur 'n Long March-2F-vuurpyl by 12:25 am. Saterdag. FOTO'S WYS CHINA SE MARS ROVER OP ROOI PLANET Die twee mans en een vrou is die tweede bemanning om ....

Australian-built rover to head to moon in 2026 in joint mission with NASA

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An Australian-made rover will explore the Moon as early as 2026 in the country's first foray into lunar exploration. Australia has signed a deal with NASA to develop a small rover that will have the ability to pick...

CIA will focus on China with new mission center

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The CIA announced a number of structural changes on Thursday, including a new mission center for China, the result of a months-long review and a reflection of the intelligence community's view of China as the greate...

NATO expels 8 members of Russian mission in Brussels alleging they are intelligence officers

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NATO has expelled eight members of the Russian mission to the alliance who they determined were "undeclared Russian intelligence officers," according to a NATO official. The move comes amid ongoing concerns about s...

Tulsi Gabbard: Leaders in our country ‘lost sightof our mission in Afghanistan

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Gabbard joined Fox News host Trey Gowdy on "Sunday Night in America" to discuss the recent Senate hearings regarding military leadership surrounding Afghanistan. "The United States went into Afghanistan to fight terr...

‘Mission Impossible’ star Lynda Day George talks filming TV series, meeting Bruce Lee: ‘I was really blessed’

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Die reeks, which aired from 1966 tot 1973, chronicled the adventures of a small team of secret government agents. It starred Peter Graves, Barbara Bain, Greg Morris, Peter Lupus and Martin Landau – just to name a ...

The Porsche Mission R Concept is the electric track car of the future

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The German automaker has revealed an all-electric track car concept at the Munich Auto Show that it could start selling in 2025. (Porsche) The shark-nose Mission R is an entirely unique design with ...

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ and ‘Mission: Onmoontlik 7’ release dates delayed again due to the pandemic

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Paramount Pictures is delaying the release of three big movies due to the ongoing pandemic. "Top Gun: Maverick," "Missie: Onmoontlik 7" en "Jackass Forever" are all being pushed back to 2022, the studio announced....

‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ ‘Mission: Impossible 7,‘Jackass Foreverrelease dates delayed: verslag doen

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"Jackass Forever" (originally slated for Oct. 22, 2021) will now debut on Feb. 4, 2022, "Top Gun: Maverick" (Nov.. 19, 2021) will now debut on May 27, 2022 and 'Mission: Onmoontlik 7" (Mei 27, 2022) will hit theaters ...

Klei Travis: Biden lying about Afghanistan mission being ‘successful

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KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . "Biden labeled it an extraordinarily successful mission. Dit is 'n leuen," Travis said in his latest video. "This was not an extraordinarily successful mission. This was the bigges...

Search and rescue mission underway after US Navy helicopter crashes off San Diego coast

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Search and rescue efforts are underway after a US Navy helicopter crashed off the San Diego coast Tuesday, amptenare gesê. It is unclear how many people were on board the aircraft. According to the Navy, an MH-60S S...

Pete Hegseth rips Biden for checking watch, calls out ‘betrayalof US military mission

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BIDEN SLAMMED FOR APPEARING TO LOOK AT HIS WATCH DURING CEREMONY FOR DEAD MARINES PETE HEGSETH: The Taliban saying is 'you have the watches, but we have the time.' What a sad piece of evidence that that is more true ...

NSA Sullivan says mission to evacuate Americans from Afghanistan has ‘shiftedfrom military to ‘diplomatic

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Marine Corps genl. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. announced Monday evening that the last of the U.S. troops stationed at the Kabul airport had left, completing the military’s drawdown in the country, even though hundreds of ...

Biden se opmerkings in Afghanistan dui op moontlike verlenging van die Amerikaanse missie na Aug. 31

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Biden se opmerkings in Afghanistan dui op moontlike verlenging van die Amerikaanse missie na Aug. 31Die opmerkings van president Biden na dodelike terreuraanvalle op die lughawe in Kaboel dui daarop dat die V.S.. aktiwiteite in Afghanistan kan voortduur..

US military launches third Afghanistan helicopter rescue mission

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This is the third time American forces have launched helicopters to rescue Americans outside the airport. "Gisteraand, during the period of darkness, there was an operation to be able to go out and safely evacuate e...

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