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'Sending: Onmoontlik 7’ halts filming after positive coronavirus test

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A source close to the production told The Hollywood Reporter that filming will be stopped for 14 dae. It is unclear how many people tested positive for coronavirus. "We have temporarily halted production on ‘Mission...

‘Stowawaybrings an old-fashioned problem to the latest mission to Mars

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"Stowaway" wasn't shot during the Covid pandemic, but with a cast of four in a confined, near-claustrophobic setting, this character study easily could have been. More an examination of human nature than a thriller,...

'Bobaas: Maverick,’ 'Sending: Onmoontlik 7,’ 'Jackass Forever’ vrystellingsdatums vertraag: verslag doen

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"Jackass vir altyd" (oorspronklik beplan vir Okt. 22, 2021) sal nou op Feb. 4, 2022, "Bobaas: Maverick" (Nov.. 19, 2021) sal nou op Mei debuteer 27, 2022 en 'Sending: Onmoontlik 7" (Mei 27, 2022) sal in teaters verskyn ...

'Bobaas: Maverick,’ 'Sending: Onmoontlik 7’ vrystellingsdatums onder verskeie flieks wat deur Paramount uitgestel is

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Vrystelling datums vir 10 Die belangrikste projekte is geskuif. Drie van hulle vertolk Cruise, en net een fliek se vrystellingdatum is verskuif. "Bobaas: Maverick" is na 'n Nov. 19 vrystellingsdatum van sy vorige ...

'Bobaas: Maverick’ en 'Sending: Onmoontlik 7’ vrystellingsdatums is weer vertraag weens die pandemie

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Paramount Pictures vertraag die vrystelling van drie groot flieks weens die voortslepende pandemie. "Bobaas: Maverick," "Missie: Onmoontlik 7" en "Jackass vir altyd" word almal teruggestoot na 2022, die ateljee het aangekondig ....

‘Mission Impossible’ star Lynda Day George talks filming TV series, meeting Bruce Lee: ‘I was really blessed’

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Die reeks, which aired from 1966 tot 1973, chronicled the adventures of a small team of secret government agents. It starred Peter Graves, Barbara Bain, Greg Morris, Peter Lupus and Martin Landau – just to name a ...

Army’s social justice push taking focus off mission: Jocko Willink

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Jocko Willink, who served 20 jare in die VSA. Vloot, joined the premiere of "Unfiltered with Dan Bongino" Saturday to discuss the Army's social justice push. "We can call it whatever you want to call it, you can pain...

Australian-built rover to head to moon in 2026 in joint mission with NASA

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An Australian-made rover will explore the Moon as early as 2026 in the country's first foray into lunar exploration. Australia has signed a deal with NASA to develop a small rover that will have the ability to pick...

Biden promises military mission in Afghanistan will be short, limited in scope

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"The current military mission will be short in time and limited in scope and focused in its objectives," Biden said during his address to the nation Monday. "Get our people and our allies to safety as quickly as poss...

Biden se opmerkings in Afghanistan dui op moontlike verlenging van die Amerikaanse missie na Aug. 31

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Biden se opmerkings in Afghanistan dui op moontlike verlenging van die Amerikaanse missie na Aug. 31Die opmerkings van president Biden na dodelike terreuraanvalle op die lughawe in Kaboel dui daarop dat die V.S.. aktiwiteite in Afghanistan kan voortduur..

California authorities link suspect known as ‘Jokerto alleged torching of historic mission

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The San Gabriel Mission was undergoing renovations for its upcoming 250th anniversary when a fire broke out July 11, damaging the roof and interior of the church. The blaze drew more than 85 brandweermanne, 12 engine c...

China begin 3 ruimtevaarders op die missie van 'n ruimtestasie van 6 maande

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Die ruimtetuig Shenzhou-13 met die drie ruimtevaarders is gelanseer deur 'n Long March-2F-vuurpyl by 12:25 am. Saterdag. FOTO'S WYS CHINA SE MARS ROVER OP ROOI PLANET Die twee mans en een vrou is die tweede bemanning om ....

China to send first astronauts to new space station on longest crewed mission to date

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Hong Kong A rocket carrying three veteran astronauts bound for China's orbiting space station module will launch from the Gobi Desert in the country's north in just over 24 ure, China's space agency announced Wedne...

Christian Seattle homeless mission turns to Supreme Court after ruling strips away employment discretion

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Seattle's Union Gospel Homeless Mission declined to hire an applicant for a staff attorney position who was bisexual and in a relationship with a man – going against the mission's religious lifestyle requirements. Dit...

CIA sal fokus op China met 'n nuwe sendingsentrum

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Die CIA het Donderdag 'n aantal strukturele veranderinge aangekondig, insluitend 'n nuwe sendingsentrum vir China, die resultaat van 'n maande lange hersiening en 'n weerspieëling van die intelligensiegemeenskap se siening van China as die grootste....

Klei Travis: Biden lying about Afghanistan mission being ‘successful

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KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . "Biden labeled it an extraordinarily successful mission. Dit is 'n leuen," Travis said in his latest video. "This was not an extraordinarily successful mission. This was the bigges...

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