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Mississippi police officer killed while responding to disturbance call that left one woman dead

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A police officer in Mississippi was killed Thursday responding to a domestic disturbance call that left a woman dead, according to Meridian police Chief Deborah Young. Officer Kennis Croom, who was working on a day ...

Mississippi family celebrates graduation as dad, two kids all earn master’s degrees

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En, unlike in the past two previous years amid the coronavirus epidemic, most graduation ceremonies this year are taking place in person (some schools are also livestreaming the ceremonies for those who can't attend...

Brett Favre, wrestlers sued by Mississippi over welfare misspending: verslag doen

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Die geding, filed in Hinds County Circuit Court, aims to recover the more than $ 20 million in cash it claims the defendants "squandered" from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families anti-poverty program. "I do...

Plains, Mississippi Valley will see severe weather, thunderstorms

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NEW MEXICO FIRES EXPECTED TO SPREAD AS RESIDENTS FLEE Plains rain forecast (Krediet: Fox News) Large hail, skadelike winde, tornadoes and flooding rainfall will all be possible. Mississipp...

The body of a missing 15-year-old boy was recovered from the Mississippi River

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The body of a 15-year-old boy was recovered from the Mississippi River on Monday, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell said in a statement Monday. The mayor's announcement came a week after the Coast Guard said they we...

Ten minste 1 dead and five injured after gunfire breaks out at a Jackson, Mississippi, fees

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One person was dead and five others were hurt after gunfire erupted at a festival in Jackson, Mississippi, Saterdag nag, polisie gesê. The person who died may have been shot by an officer after "there was an exchan...

A shooting spree in Mississippi leaves 4 dead and leads to police standoff that ended with suspect found dead, amptenare sê

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A shooting spree in Mississippi left four people dead and resulted in a police standoff with the suspect Wednesday, which ended when a SWAT team found him dead inside a local business, amptenare gesê. Police say th...

US Coast Guard in Louisiana searching for 3 minors last seen entering Mississippi River

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The US Coast Guard is searching for three missing minors who were last seen entering the Mississippi River in Louisiana on Saturday evening, according to the law enforcement service. Rescue crews are searching for a...

Mississippi inmates escape jail, search ongoing

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The men – identified as Cesar Martinez, Juan Monsivais, Jose Vasquez, and Cesar Gonzalez, were incarcerated on drug charges, the DeSoto County Sheriff's Department said. Inmates Juan Monsivais, Jose Vasque...

DOJ finds evidence of unconstitutional conditions at Mississippi state prison

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Washington A federal investigation into Mississippi State Penitentiary found evidence that conditions at the facility violate the US Constitution, the Justice Department announced Wednesday. Assistant Attorney Genera...

Tornado conditions possible in parts of Mississippi and Alabama as storm heads east, potentially bringing high winds and hail

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The forceful storm that flattened buildings in a northwest Arkansas city Wednesday is taking aim Thursday at parts of Mississippi and Alabama, where some areas are being warned of the potential for dangerous tornado...

A Mississippi assistant principal was terminated after reading the children’s book ‘I Need A New Butt!’ to second graders

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A Mississippi assistant principal was fired after reading the children's book "I Need a New Butt!" to a class of second graders, an act the school division says violated their code of ethics. Toby Price, the now fo...

Mississippi governor signs into law prohibition on schools teaching critical race theory

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Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves on Monday signed into law a bill described as a prohibition on critical race theory (CRT), becoming the latest Republican-controlled state to legislate how history and race can be taught...

Mississippi: 6-[object Window], sê die polisie

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[object Window], geleë 80 [object Window], WJTV berig. [object Window].

Mississippi prison inmate captured after running out of gas during escape, amptenare sê

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A convicted murderer who escaped from a Mississippi prison Saturday was captured Tuesday after he ran out of gas, according to prison officials. Michael Wilson was captured by the Harrison County Sheriff's Departmen...

Mississippi escaped inmate in custody after manhunt, some prison employees facing disciplinary action

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Michael Floyd Wilson, ook bekend as, "Pretty Boy Floyd," 51, was taken into custody in Harrison County just before 1 nm. Tuesday by deputies with the Harrison County Sheriff's Office. Authorities said a woman tipped...

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