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SEC officials under microscope after high-profile mistakes

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Leach still wasn't sure he wanted to pay to discuss them. 单击此处获取更多体育报道 . 而不管, the situation on the same Saturday as another significant error by SEC officials in Auburn's loss at Pe...

3 您需要避免的汽车座椅安装错误

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新手和经验丰富的父母可能认为他们知道如何正确安装汽车座椅, 但CDC估计 46% 的汽车和加高座椅正在 "误用" 以降低这些安全装置有效性的方式. ...

Indian captain Kohli vows to rectify mistakes after T20 World Cup loss to Pakistan

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India captain Virat Kohli denied his team underestimated Pakistan in Sunday's high-profile Twenty20 World Cup contest and said they know what went wrong in the thumping by their arch-rivals. India went into the matc...

它的. 泰德·克鲁斯: 拜登政府在阿富汗的错误将流血

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自从灾难开始在阿富汗发生以来, 我们已经看到拜登政府表现出意识形态极端主义和无能, 并逃避他们向美国人民提供答案的责任 ...

Pressure mounts on ’60 Minutes’ to correct, retract DeSantis report: Critic says ‘CBS clearly made mistakes’

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"CBS clearly made mistakes in professional journalistic judgment in the execution of this story. These are the kinds of mistakes that necessarily happen when enterprise reporting is done with bias and on the basis of...

Chicago man allegedly mistakes 3 law enforcement officers for rival gang members, shoots them

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官员, two ATF agents and an ATF Task Force officer, were driving in an unmarked car at about 5:45 上午. while working on a covert federal investigation on the South Side of Chicago. As the officers were mergi...

Saints capitalize on Seahawksmistakes for 13-10 赢得

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Alvin Kamara carried the load for New Orleans and Jameis Winston made a handful of plays when needed, but the Saints escaped Seattle thanks largely to a series of blunders by the home team, led by backup quarterback ...

《纽约时报》上的孔查误报 COVID 病例: 错误是由推动恐惧叙事的动机驱动的吗?

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《纽约时报》在夸大了乔·孔查 (Joe Concha) 儿童的 COVID 住院人数后进行了大规模更正: 840,000 错过了, 对? 简直不可思议. 看, 这就是为什么信任媒体的原因. 盖洛普发现 ...

5 愚蠢的错误使您的在线隐私和安全处于危险之中

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一个很棒的播客是我深入黑客思想的那一集. 点击或单击以收听我的播客的一集, 金科曼多解释, 与 IBM 社会工程师. 她泄露了黑客用来伤疤的秘密。.

Falcons take advantage of Jaguarsmistakes in 21-14 胜利

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单击此处获取更多体育报道 . The Falcons (5-6) managed just a field goal in their previous two games, lopsided losses to Dallas and New England in which they turned over the ball a combined seven times and f...

加比·佩蒂托: 约翰沃尔什的儿子卡拉汉谈论“错误”’ 以防万一

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卡拉汉, 国家失踪中心的儿童倡导者 & 被剥削儿童 (国家电力公司), 告诉福克斯新闻,警方在接到两个关于 Gabby 的紧急电话时,应该以不同的方式处理事情。.

Got turkey troubles? A hotline expert shares tips for a better turkey and common mistakes to avoid

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Whether it's your first time cooking a turkey or you are a poultry aficionado, mishaps can happen in the kitchen, especially at the 11th hour. That's where Butterball's Turkey Talk-Line comes in. 在过去的 40 是的...

格雷格·古菲尔德: The media’s many mistakes helps them, because they are impossible to track

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So will our media learn from this humiliating result? 没有 - they buried it like Stelter’s treadmill under six months of dirty laundry. 现在, I bash the media a lot. Outside of nude jazzercise, it's my favorite thing to...

密苏里州的徒步旅行者在猎人误认为他是火鸡后开枪, 警察说

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官员们四处回应 12:23 下午. 调查刘易斯与狩猎有关的事件 & 八月A的克拉克径. 布希纪念馆和韦尔顿温泉保护区. "猎人不小心射中了远足者, ...

希拉里亚鲍德温解决了“一路走来的错误”’ 在文化挪用丑闻之后的新播客中

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两人本月早些时候宣布,他们将开始他们的第一个联合播客项目,名为 "还有什么?" 他们寻求与有趣的人谈论对……很重要的事情。.

Sarah Ferguson talks how she ‘made friends with past mistakes

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The Duchess of York, 61, was married to Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth's second son, 从 1986 至 1996 and shares two daughters Princess Eugenie, 31, and Princess Beatrice, 32, with her ex. "Someone asked me, 'If yo...

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