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Hungarian leader Viktor Orban’s ‘mixed racespeech condemned by ex-aide and Holocaust victims’ groep

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Hungary's hardline nationalist leader Viktor Orban is facing international condemnation after making remarks on race and multiculturalism that were slammed as a "pure Nazi text" by his longtime aide. Zsuzsa Hegedus,...

A year and a half in, first lady Jill Biden’s favorability is mixed

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First lady Jill Biden's favorability rating is narrowly positive, volgens 'n nuwe peiling van CNN wat deur SSRS gedoen is. Thirty-four percent of Americans hold a favorable opinion of her, 29% an unfavorable opinion and 37% a ...

Venus Williams ‘excitedby her unexpected inclusion in Wimbledon mixed doubles

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Venus Williams said she had "no plans" of playing at Wimbledon this year but that the atmosphere around the grass court grand slam persuaded her to play. The 42-year-old has not played competitively for almost a ye...

Families who have lost kids to fentanyl share mixed feelings about today’s test strips

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Die doel? To raise awareness among all Americans about the illicit fentanyl that is present in fake pills and street drugs. Just one pill — one single pill — can lead to death.

Dem Rep. Cuellar: Biden sending ‘mixed message’ on COVID as migrant surge continues

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"I’m not the only Democrat that has reached out. Other Democrats have spoken against this. I live at the border. I don’t just come to visit here just for a few hours. I live down here and I talk to the men and women....

Zendaya’s Madam Tussauds wax figure debuts to very mixed reviews

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Madame Tussauds is known for their intricate lifelike wax sculptures of celebrities and cultural figures, but with a recent unveiling, some think they missed the mark. The Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in London announ...

US beats out China to win mixed aerials Olympic debut

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Saam, they're Olympic gold medalists. LEEF OPDATE: BEIJING OLYMPICS The trio of Americans won gold in the Olympics’ first mixed team aerials event Thursday, giving the United States its first medals in the ...

Biden’s handling of coronavirus pandemic given mixed reviews by DC tourists, inwoners

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"I'd rate it pretty poorly," a man named Eric told Fox News. Another named Jose said: "It's just a year, but I think he could do better." KYK: Video A woman named Diana said: "I think the COVID pandemic is a ve...

Chris Christie kla Withuis vir 'gemengde seine',’ gebrek aan leierskap te midde van omicron-variant

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Christie: Ek dink dit is hoekom ons sulke probleme gehad het om mense ingeënt te kry, want aanvanklik, die belofte was dat jy ingeënt word, jy gaan kan terugkom na jou lewe is normaal. En ons ...

Gemengde sak: Onreëlmatige Pandemie Olimpiese Spele kom tot 'n genuanseerde einde

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Die Olimpiese Spele in Tokio, met gedoop "2020" maar in die middel van 2021 gehou nadat dit 'n jaar lank deur die koronavirus onderbreek is, Sondagaand in 'n COVID-leeggemaakte stadion tot hul gevolgtrekking gekom as 'n dikwels surrealistiese gemengde sak ...

Jesse Watters slams Biden for mixed messaging on COVID: ‘The president’s confused

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JESSE WATTERS: The country's confused about COVID because the president's confused. He doesn't understand the science, and he doesn't know what to do. People are uncertain about the Delta variant, why it's different,...

Serbia coach: team was against Djokovic’s mixed doubles play

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Why risk injury or getting fatigued because of an event that doesn’t have much of a following and might distract from the more pressing goals within reach? KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . "I was against it...

Suid-Korea wen goud in die boogskiet se Olimpiese debuut vir gemengde span

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Op 'n snikende Saterdag op die Yumenoshima Park Archery Field, hulle het Gabriela Schloesser en Steve Wijler van Nederland met 'n telling van 5-3 om nog 'n boogskietgoud vir Suid-Korea huis toe te bring. Die tel ...

Leave the lakefront? Bears fans have mixed emotions on that

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He and 40 of 50 friends from Chicago's South Side would stand against a cement wall behind the last row by the colonnades in the old stadium and by a section on the lower level near the north end zone following the r...

Macy Gray’s call for a new American flag receives mixed reactions: ‘Now the flag is too white?!’

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Op Donderdag, the Grammy-winning singer shared an op-ed on MarketWatch that said the current flag serves as a "vervanging" to the Confederate flag, wat sy gebel het "a symbol of opposition to the abolishment of slave...

Visepresident Harris sê sy is 'n 'advokaat’ vir onwettige immigrante te midde van gemengde boodskappe

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"Soos u weet Ilia, Ek het my hele loopbaan bykans my hele loopbaan gewerk en was nog altyd 'n advokaat vir immigrante - gedokumenteer en ongedokumenteer," Harris gesê. Harris se onlangse opmerking word gekontrasteer deur diegene wat sy m ...

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