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Meat Loaf gespot deur links vir entstof, lockdown opposisie ure na dood: 'Pandemie 'n gat’

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"Meat Loaf het COVID gehad, Meat Loaf het COVID gehad, onlangs," Meat Loaf het COVID gehad 74. "Meat Loaf het COVID gehad. Meat Loaf het COVID gehad.

CNN reporter mocked following realization COVID-shaming exists: ‘Here we go again

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"I've noticed something amid this Omicron surge that's made me reconsider the first 20 months of this pandemic," Cillizza wrote. "For months and months, no one I came into contact with admitted they had Covid. Not ne...

State Department mocked for ‘bizarrepromotion of Antony Blinken’s Spotify playlist: ‘Vernederend’

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From Dec. 10 through Jan. 2, the State Department's Twitter account tweeted about Blinken's Spotify playlist a total of eight times while also re-tweeting its own tweets about the playlist, as well as tweets from oth...

Biden gespot vir die viering van historiese 2021 ekonomiese rekord

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"Ons eindig 2021 met wat een ontleder beskryf het as die sterkste ekonomiese rekord van enige president in die laaste jaar 50 jare," Biden Woensdag op Twitter gesê. "Kom ons hou die vordering aan die gang." 'BOMING'...

Biden het gespot omdat hy masker buite op Delaware-strand dra: 'Masketeater is so absurd’

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Beeldmateriaal wat deur C-SPAN vasgevang is, wys Biden, wat ten volle ingeënt is met 'n skraagskoot, 'n masker buite dra tydens 'n wandeling op Rehoboth-strand met slegs 'n paar mense om hulle. Die eerste dame, wat ook volledig vak...

MSNBC anchor mocked as ‘shamelessly neurotic,’ ’n verleentheid’ for calling herself a ‘Fauci groupie

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In a discussion over a surge in COVID-19-related hospitalizations on Monday, Wallace declared herself to be a "Fauci groupie" and enthusiastically listed off her commitment to public health measures, boasting she wea...

CNN reporter mocked for gifting himself at-home rapid coronavirus tests for Christmas

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"Post-Christmas gift to myself," Cillizza wrote in the tweet, including a photo of a box containing two smaller boxes of multiple BinaxNOW self antigen tests. CNN RE-SIGNS REGULARLY MOCKED PUNDIT CHRIS CILLIZZA, WH...

CNN allows Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler to brag about top fact check of 2021 despite it being widely mocked

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Kessler’s most popular piece of the year, "Geen, the Taliban did not seize $ 85 billion of U.S. Weapons," claimed to debunk former President Trump’s Aug. 30 comment that "every penny of the $ 85 billion dollars in co...

Jeff Garlin mocked ‘The Goldbergsduring stand-up set weeks before leaving the sitcom

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Garlin previously defended himself from cancel culture after it came to light that some of his conduct on the set of the show was deemed inappropriate by a number of the people who worked on it. Nou, volgens rep ...

Biden mocked for Jonas Brothers TikTok in viral spinoff: ‘We got it

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Die video, originally posted to the Twitter account @JohnHackerLA, shows president Biden saying "We got it" while standing in front of various negative images that have come to be associated with his administration i...

Bloomberg-artikel het gespot omdat hy voorgestel het dat Amerikaners hul salaris onmiddellik bestee om inflasie die hoof te bied

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In 'n artikel getiteld, "Vir Amerikaners geskok deur inflasie, Argentyne het 'n paar raad" is geskryf deur Bloomberg-verslaggewers Patrick Gillespie en Ignacio Olivera Doll wat die voorstel insluit dat Amerikaners bestee..

Liberal journalist mocked after disparaging Bob Dole over ‘link to tobacco

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In a Sunday tweet, The Intercept writer posted images of four headlines, in order of publishing date, that suggested Dole's death was caused by his previously reported "skakel" to Big Tobacco, as well as his "twyfel" t ...

Vox article mocked for calling term ‘invasive speciesproblematic because it has ‘nativist bias

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In the Sunday piece, freelance journalist Marina Bolotnikova blamed climate change for the forced migration of certain species, criticized measures taken by some governments to terminate those species, likened their ...

McAuliffe’s decision to have Weingarten speak at rally mocked by Republicans

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Weingarten is a favorite target by Republicans who see her as being ensconced in the dealing of the Democrat Party. They see her as an establishment figure and political vulnerability for McAuliffe during his campaig...

Washington Post mocked for reporting on ‘vulgar threatsagainst President Biden

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Op Saterdag, the Washington Post reporters Ashley Parker and Carissa Wolf wrote what they considered "vitriool" from critics of President Biden in a piece titled "Biden’s critics hurl increasingly vulgar taunts." Die ...

CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC ignore Kamala Harriswidely mocked space video featuring child actors

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The YouTube Originals video, which was shared last week by NASA and produced by the Canadian production company Sinking Ship Entertainment, was aimed at getting children interested in space and included an appearance...

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