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Biden mocked after Putin meeting for calling on pre-approved reporters

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Biden mocked after Putin meeting for calling on pre-approved reportersPresident Biden was mocked for "saying the quiet part out loud" on Wednesday when he admitted at the outset of his news conference in Geneva he wo...

Caitlyn Jenner chiama Jimmy Kimmel dopo che ha deriso la sua candidatura a governatore della California

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Il comico si è preso del tempo "Jimmy Kimmel dal vivo" monologo venerdì per deridere Jenner dopo la sua apparizione su "La vista" in cui ha discusso della sua corsa a governatore della California. Kimmel ha aperto il pezzo riferendosi ...

Big Pharma execs mocked West Virginia, Kentucky as opioid overdoses soared: rapporto

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In uno, they shared a song "To the Tune of The Beverly Hillbillies," that included a line describing "OC," the drug oxycodone, come "Hillbilly Heroin." The Mountain State Spotlight, a nonprofit West Virginia news outle...

MSNBC’s Joy Reid mocked for boasting she wears two masks even while jogging outside

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The far-left host argued to pulmonologist Dr. Vin Gupta during "The ReidOut" that jogging within close proximity of others who are still breathing around her was the reason she continued to wear the mask. MSNBC CALL...

PBS’ Yamiche Alcindor mocked for saying Chauvin defense ‘in direct contradictionto prosecution

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Defense attorney Eric Nelson focused heavily in his closing argument on George Floyd's health and drug use, claiming they were more responsible for Floyd's death than Chauvin placing his knee on Floyd's neck, as seen...

Media style guide saying to avoid the term ‘mistressmocked by social media users

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The Associated Press Stylebook, which has traditionally set standards for language usage within the media landscape, mystified Twitter users Tuesday when it tweeted a reality-bending, wrist-slapping admonishment. "D ...

NBC News mocked for saying red stateslower COVID stats have ‘expertsdumbfounded

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In a segment that aired on Thursday morning's "Oggi" spettacolo, NBC News correspondent Sam Brock began by calling it a "COVID conundrum," pointing out how states with the "strictest measures" come New York, Michigan, e...

I funzionari di Trump hanno deriso i democratici 2016 come 'perdenti doloranti’ per non aver accettato i risultati delle elezioni

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I principali funzionari della campagna di Donald Trump e della Casa Bianca continuano ad affermare senza fondamento che ci fosse una diffusa frode elettorale nel 2020 e rifiutare di riconoscere la vittoria del presidente eletto Joe Biden, ma quattro anni ...

Trump-backed GOP Senate nominee Jason Lewis mocked elementary school sexual harassment in 1999

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Jason Lewis, a former GOP congressman running for a US Senate seat in Minnesota, dismissed in a 1999 television show sexual harassment and assault in K-12 schools as being insignificant cases of children teasing eac...