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Liberal elites are mocking what Black Americans stand for: GOP congressional candidate

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JEREMY HUNT: The women of "La vista," they're so emblematic of where the progressive elites are right now. intendo, they have no idea what life is like in Southwest and Little Georgia, where I'm running for Congress r...

Twitter page mocking Biden admin’s new disinformation board reels in 150K followers in two days

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"The clocks are striking thirteen. Welcome to the Ministry," a tweet from a satirical account called The U.S. Ministry of Truth reads. The account, which takes a jab at the newfound power bestowed on Biden's Homeland...

NASCAR’s Denny Hamlin apologizes for tweeting video mocking Asian drivers to criticize Kyle Larson

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Hamlin had been complaining about Larson's driving in the Geico 500 at Talladega Superspeedway on Sunday, where Larson pulled in front of Kurt Busch in the last turn and caused him to crash into the wall and also wre...

Medical student who implied she stuck patient twice for mocking pronoun pin no longer working with patients

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"The student is not involved in patient care activities at this time," Wake Forest School of Medicine spokeswoman Paula Faria told "Tucker Carlson stasera" producer Gregg Re, according to his Twitter feed. ETHICS PRO...

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Rachel Zegler si scusa per aver preso in giro Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears ha litigato con la lettura drammatica

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Il recente incontro tra le due sorelle segna mesi di dramma che giungono al culmine agli occhi del pubblico. Le cose sono iniziate dopo Britney, 40, ha emesso un duro rimprovero di Jamie Lynn, 30, che ha parlato della sua famosa sorella...

Announcers fired after mocking weight of female high school basketball players

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Jim Carter and Steve Shaw were fired following outrage and numerous complaints from community members and parents, WHOU-FM owner Fred Grant told the Portland Press-Herald. The announcers – who apparently didn't real...

Scrittore liberale del New York Magazine arrostito per aver deriso gli sforzi del gruppo conservatore per aiutare gli automobilisti bloccati

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Migliaia sono rimasti bloccati, o bloccato nel traffico lento, dopo che una tempesta invernale ha scaricato fino a 30 centimetri di neve e ha abbattuto alberi in tutta la regione lunedì. La I-95 è stata chiusa in direzione nord e in direzione sud tra le uscite 104 e 1...

Madonna gets apology from 50 Cent over mocking Instagram photos

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The two stars recently got into a scuffle of sorts on social media when the rapper, 46, commented on one of the pop star's Instagram posts. In late November, Madonna shared a series of images of herself wearing risqu...

50 Cent apologizes for mocking Madonna’s photos

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50 Cent is sorry for poking fun at Madonna. The rapper and "Energia" star recently mocked the icon for risque photos she posted of herself on Instagram showing her scantily-dressed on her bed. 50 Cent compared one of...

Elise Stefanik slams Biden for mocking pushback on vaccine mandates at CNN town hall: ‘Un-American

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BIDEN SAYS POLICE OFFICERS, FIRST RESPONDERS SHOULD BE FIRED FOR REFUSING JAB ELISE STEFANIK: My reaction is this is absolutely absurd and sadly it’s very typical of Joe Biden and the Biden administration to attack A...

Un giornale legato al Partito Comunista Cinese mette in evidenza un fumetto politico che deride il cristianesimo, Ovest dopo G-7

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"L'ultimo G-7" mostra gli Stati Uniti. and other G-7 nations depicted as animals bustling over a table where toxic wine and a China-shaped cake are being served. India e Australia, rivali regionali della Cina, are also present...

Seth Rogen gets Twitter backlash after mocking anti-Semitism activist

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According to an analysis from the Anti-Defamation League, più di 17,000 tweets posted to the platform between May 7 e forse 14, around when the violence began, used some variation of the phrase "Hitler was right."...

Idaho deputy fired for viral TikTok mocking LeBron James: ‘The latest target of cancel culture

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"I am the latest target of cancel culture, Sean. That's all it is," former Bellevue deputy marshal Nate Silvester told "Hannity" di giovedì. "None of my other videos that depicted me in my uniform or involving body ...

La Cina cancella il post beffardo della tragedia COVID-19 che si sta svolgendo in India: rapporto

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Bloomberg ha riferito che il post - che è stato successivamente cancellato - mostrava un recente lancio di un razzo in Cina accanto a quelli che sembravano essere i lavoratori di una cremazione di massa in India. Il rapporto diceva che il post era stato pubblicato dalla commissione ...

Officer posted a TikTok mocking LeBron Jamesviews on police. His department says it will be dealt with internally

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After an Idaho officer posted a TikTok video mocking NBA star LeBron James' comments about the use of force by police, his employer, the Bellevue Marshal's Office, said it was addressing the issue internally. In a s...