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FEMA in ‘life-saving, sustainingmode combing for survivors in tornado devastation

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Deanne Criswell, administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, offered prayers following the "record-breaking tragedy that has left so many families displaced." "What we are hearing is we are still in the...

Feminists ‘in full-blown panic modeabout state of Roe v. Vadear: Hegseth

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SUPREME COURT HEARS MISSISSIPPI ABORTION CASE THAT COULD OVERTURN ROE V. WADE: LIVE UPDATES PETE HEGSETH: Esta semana, we're seeing the culmination of decades of hard work, important work and principled work after hour...

Psaki, DOJ in damage control mode after Biden says subpoena defiers should be prosecuted

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The remarks by the president come as the Jan. 6 select commission is ramping up issuing subpoenas for former President Trump administration officials and others who may have information on Trump's efforts to investig...

Meadows rips scientistsstatements on coronavirus origins: We are in ‘Biden cover-up mode’

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WAPO COLUMNIST ROASTS MEDIA ON COVID-19 LAB THEORY ABOUT-FACE: ‘ZERO SELF AWARENESS' MARK MEADOWS: Bien, really what we are is in a Biden cover-up mode. They aren’t going to hold China accountable. Martha and Bill, w ...

Biden admin ‘in damage control’ mode on Wuhan lab questions: Mark Meadows

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MARK MEADOWS: This is the Biden administration today in damage control for what they actually took was actions against the interests of the American people. When we look at it, they turned a blind eye to China. And w...

Ingraham: Los izquierdistas quieren que Estados Unidos permanezca en modo de crisis COVID, Quieren que tengas miedo’

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INGRAHAM: Los hechos no importan para los que se aferran a COVID. El otoño mostró que las escuelas privadas, que finalmente se abrió para el aprendizaje en persona, no fueron vectores de ningún brote importante de COVID. Las escuelas eran creativas y ...

Former NFL star Marshawn Lynch joins MMA ownership group as PFL goes ‘Beast Mode

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"Cuándo [gente] think of Marshawn Lynch, 'Oh, that’s Beast Mode.’ You think of somebody who's able to go ahead and get hit in the mouth, being able to step up a rise over adversity, sabes, being able to come out vi...