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Google suspends Parler app from Play Store over failure to moderate egregious content

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close Video Twitter permanently suspends Trump due to 'risk of further incitement' 'Special Report' anchor Bret Baier and White House correspondent John Roberts discuss the breaking news from Washington Google ...

Die effekte van Covid-19 sluit in aanvalle en bewegingsversteurings — selfs in sommige matige gevalle, studie bevind

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Covid-19 kan lei tot neurologiese komplikasies, beroertes ingesluit, aanvalle en bewegingsversteurings, het navorsers bevind. Die komplikasies, wat verder gaan as kognitiewe inkorting, kan voorkom selfs in matige k ...

Surprise! Joe Biden is a moderate institutionalist!

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Liberals are not happy with Joe Biden. See, op Dinsdag, Biden announced a series of senior staff hires for his incoming administration that included lobbyist Steve Ricchetti and Rep. Cedric Richmond of Louisiana. "Ek ...

Sy. Susan Collins says voters rejected Bernie Sanders‘far-left agenda’; calls for moderate compromise

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sluit Video Sen. Susan Collins defies the polls to secure reelection win Maine Republican joins 'The Story' for exclusive interview to discuss election, working with Biden in 2021 Die 2020 election was a reject...

AOC hits Joe Manchin with a stone-cold death stare after moderate Dem opposes ‘crazy socialist agenda

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sluit Video Georgia Afloop van die Amerikaanse Senaat kan besluit dat die kamer se meerderheid Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., tells 'Special Report' he won't support 'court packing' if party wins slim majority Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, ...

Moderate Democrats pressure Pelosi, House leadership to move new coronavirus bill: ‘Stop the stupidity

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close Video House to remain in session until agreement on coronavirus relief reached Moderate Democrats pressure party leaders for stimulus deal; Chad Pergram berig. Moderate Democrats, especially those in sw...