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Demokratiese blaamspel begin ná groot Virginia-verlies, kritiek na gematigdes geslinger, progressiewe en Biden

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"Hopelik kry progressiewes die wekroep," 'n gematigde Demokratiese bron het Woensdagoggend aan Fox News gesê. Soos dit duidelik geword het, was die Virginia-ren nader as wat verwag is, daar was gemompel onder gematigde De...

David Bossie: Manchin and Sinema are not moderates

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Our national debt is currently $ 28.4 triljoen. Our federal budget deficit is $ 2.7 triljoen. By comparison in 1988 -- net 33 jare terug -- our national debt was "net" $ 2.6 trillion and the federal budget defici...

Schumer and Yellen say agreement reached on paying for economic bill but it’s unclear if moderates are on board

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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced Thursday an agreement on revenues to pay for the Democrats' $ 3.5 trillion agenda, though they did not offer details and its unclea...

Democratic leaders, moderates and progressives headed to the White House at critical moment for the Biden agenda

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President Joe Biden is ramping up his outreach to a wide swath of key Democrats in the House and Senate on Wednesday, hosting multiple groups including leadership, progressives and moderates from both chambers at a ...

Open warfare breaks out between liberals and moderates over Biden agenda

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Tensions are reaching a boiling point for Democrats as intense divisions between liberals and moderates threaten to derail key pillars of President Joe Biden's agenda and factions within the party increasingly cast ...

Moderates win the day in close vote over Southern Baptist presidency

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Washington Alabama pastor Ed Litton will be the next president of the Southern Baptist Convention following a narrow election win Tuesday -- a victory for the more moderate establishment against a conservative insurg...