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Judge pauses Montana’s enforcement of law that makes it harder for transgender residents to modify their birth certificates

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Washington Montana must pause its enforcement of a law requiring transgender residents to provide proof that they underwent a "surgical procedure" to change their sex in order to modify the sex designations on their ...

NFL works to modify overtime rules, but there are obstacles

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And fans, many boisterously rooting for the Buffalo Bills, want to see the overtime rules changed to allow both teams to possess the football before an overtime winner can be declared. In last season’s divisional pla...

Fauci vague on changing definition of ‘fully vaccinated’: ‘We might modify

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The Centers for Disease Control (Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades) last week recommended that all adults aged 18 or older should receive a vaccine booster shot six months after their final shot of a completed vaccine regimen. Connecticut Gov. NORTE...

House Dems modify plans for group dinner in Capitol amid questions about gathering during coronavirus surge

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Newly elected Democratic members of the House are no longer attending a group dinner planned for Statuary Hall in the Capitol Friday night after Democratic leadership faced questions about the gathering amid a natio...