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Blinken’s Spotify playlist ‘seems like it was focus-grouped for hipsters:’ Mollie Hemingway

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"We have really serious issues and the State Department keeps pushing out this Spotify playlist, it just makes you nervous because they are not just doing a bad job, they keep doing these things that are not serious ...

Mollie Hemingway: What happened during the 2020 election must be investigated and discussed

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If questioning the results of a presidential election were a crime, as many have asserted in the wake of the controversial 2020 election and its aftermath, then much of the Democratic Party and media establishment sh...

Mollie Tibbettskiller sentenced to life in prison

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Judge Joel Yates sentenced Cristhian Bahena Rivera to life without the possibility of parole, the mandatory sentence for first-degree murder in Iowa, which does not have the death penalty. The 27-year-old former farm...

Mollie Hemingway: Biden’s ‘flippantstance on evacuating Americans is impeachable

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BIDEN DEFENDS HANDLING OF BOTCHED AFGHANISTAN WITHDRAWAL, SAYS CAN'T GUARANTEE OUTE MOLLIE HEMINGWAY: This is what is so – about the manner of which we are doing this departure. We know we have tens of thousands of A...

Asesinato de Mollie Tibbetts: Defense says death linked to sex trafficking ring in hearing for new trial

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The lead investigator into the 2018 death of the University of Iowa student expressed confidence that Cristhian Bahena Rivera killed Tibbetts during hours of testimony in which defense lawyers tried to link the death...

Asesinato de Mollie Tibbetts: Defense says missing 11-year-old boy, sex trafficking ring linked to case

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Tibbetts, 20, disappeared in July 2018 while on a run in her hometown of Brooklyn, Iowa. Bahena Rivera, 27, who came to the United States illegally as a teenager, led investigators to her body in a remote cornfield a...

Mollie Hemingway llama a Kamala Harris’ risa nerviosa al enfrentarse a preguntas difíciles

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KAMALA HARRIS DESTACADO POR RESPUESTA 'CRINGE' A PREGUNTAS FRONTERIZAS: 'NO ES UNA BROMA PARA RÍE DE' MOLLIE HEMINGWAY: Es tan incómodo y extraño lo que está diciendo.. Bien por Lester Holt por corregir la mentira de que ...

CNN, AP, Daily Beast headlines refer to illegal immigrant convicted in Mollie Tibbetts murder as ‘farm worker

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Cristhian Bahena Rivera was found guilty of first-degree murder on Friday after a two-week trial in Davenport, Iowa, in a case that drew national attention because of the suspect's immigration status. sin embargo, media...

Mollie Tibbetts murder trial: Jury finds Cristhian Bahena Rivera guilty

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The verdict was announced Friday afternoon after a two-week trial in Davenport, Iowa, in which Cristhian Bahena Rivera, 26, faced the first-degree murder charge for which he was convicted. Jurors reached their decisi...

Asesinato de Mollie Tibbetts: Blood in suspect’s trunk came from slain Iowa woman, analyst says

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Tara Scott, a criminalist in the DNA section of Iowa’s crime lab, said she analyzed a swab taken from a blood stain found on the trunk seal of Cristhian Bahena Rivera’s Chevy Malibu after investigators recovered the ...

Asesinato de Mollie Tibbetts: Video clave de vigilancia del hogar del corredor, vehículo mostrado en el juicio para nacional mexicano

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La defensa de Cristhian Bahena Rivera, de 26 años, que trabajaba como peón con un alias y vivía en el país ilegalmente, trató de arrojar sospechas sobre otros que inicialmente habían estado bajo escrutinio, includin ...

Asesinato de Mollie Tibbetts: Comienza juicio para ciudadano mexicano acusado de asesinato de estudiante universitario de Iowa

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Se espera que los problemas de equidad sean una preocupación en el juicio de Cristhian Bahena Rivera, un ciudadano mexicano que había estado trabajando como peón en el área rural del condado de Poweshiek durante varios años cuando supuestamente apuñaló..

Mollie Hemingway: Media portrayal of Biden ‘so at odds with reality’:

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HEMINGWAY: I think that people just don't care what he has to say, because the brand that he's put out and that the media have put out is just so at odds with reality, and so people don't need to hear something like ...