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Missing the Kardashians already? Here are some of the show’s best moments

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The end of an era draws close. 後 14 年, "カーダシアン家のお騒がせについていく" will wrap up its run on E! に 2021, the Kardashian-Jenner clan announced on Tuesday. The reality TV juggernaut, which burst upon an...

The most memorable moments from Chiefs vs. Texans on opening night

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It's been over seven months since Super Bowl LIV, and the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs picked up right where they left off with a 34-20 win over the Houston Texans. しかしながら, this was far from a typical star...

Vice News releases body camera video that purports to show moments after officers raided Breonna Taylor’s apartment

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New body camera footage obtained by Vice News purportedly shows what happened on March 13 in the moments after Louisville Metro Police officers raided the home of Breonna Taylor, who was shot and killed. One video s...

Mexican journalist shot moments before going live on air

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A Mexican journalist was shot Monday as he was about to go live on air and died in hospital later the same day. Israel Vázquez, who worked for digital news outlet El Salmantino, was covering a "discovery of human re...

The teen who sparked a global movement with her video of George Floyd’s final moments receives an award for her bravery

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Darnella Frazier's impulse to pull out her cell phone and hit record on May 25 had a profound impact. The 17-year-old had ventured out to the store with her younger cousin that day when she saw a man handcuffed and ...

2020 pop culture moments you may have forgotten

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この物語のバージョンは、CNNのポップライフクロニクルニュースレターに掲載されました. 受信トレイに入れるには, ここから無料でサインアップ. エンターテインメント.newsletter @ cnn.comのニュースレターでもっと見たいものを教えてください....

バーニーサンダース, Gaga’s outfit and other meme-able Inauguration moments. (But mostly Bernie)

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It's time to admit that making jokes about sacred historical moments like inaugurations is just part of our way of coping with overwhelming political and social change. We know history is being made, はい, but what k...

Trump returns and Republican 2024 prospects seek breakout moments at CPAC gathering

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オーランド, Florida Republican politicians, media personalities and activists are gathering this weekend in Florida for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, an event that could offer an early window into...

‘Who Can Forget?’ Woodstock: ザ・ 10 most iconic moments from 1969

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For more than a year now, music concerts and festivals of all kinds have either been canceled or compromised due to COVID-19. But Fox Nation’s ‘Who Can Forget? 1969' brings you back to a time when hundreds of thousan...

トリシャ・ヤーウッドが「難しい」と語る’ ガースブルックスとの結婚の瞬間: 「あなたは頭を突くつもりです’

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彼女の新しいペット用品ラインを宣伝しながら毎週私たちに話しかける, インクルード "別の目で" パフォーマーは、進行中のコロナウイルスのパンデミックのために、カップルがこれまで以上に多くの時間を一緒に過ごしたと言いました. "私たちはbだと思います。.

「フォックスニュースサンデー’ 祝う 25 years with look back on memorable moments

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From three impeachments to the terror of 9/11, long-time host Chris Wallace looked back at the show’s history during the special broadcast - which included its most newsworthy, hard-hitting, and wide-ranging intervie...

President Biden’s address to Congress: トップ 5 瞬間

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Here are the top five moments from Biden's address to a joint session of Congress Wednesday night. Biden's entrance Biden's walk to the front of the House chamber was eerie. Normally at addresses like this, presid...


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ウェンディ・マグリナート, 23, 日曜日のポストとのインタビューで悲惨な瞬間を追体験しました, 弾丸はまだ彼女の足に留まっていると言って. "私は叫んでいた, 「私は死にたくない, 私を助けてください!’—そして人々は正しかった。.

マスター・オブ・ゼロ’ changes direction and focus with ‘Moments in Love

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After a four-year hiatus, "マスター・オブ・ゼロ" returns in title only, with the same creative auspices but a completely different focus. The result, subtitled "Moments in Love," shifts to Lena Waithe's Denise character, ...


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容疑者の射手, 57-1歳のサミュエル・キャシディ, 安全服を着た監視映像で見られる, 帽子, そして彼が家を出るときのマスク 5:40 午前. 映像は、彼が大きなダフを積んでいるところを示しています...


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コーディネーター間の詳細な通信の記録, 危険物ユニット, 被害を評価し、崩壊したチャンピオンからできるだけ多くの生存者を解放するために急いでいた消防士と救急医療応答者。.

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