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Elon Musk hosts ‘SNL,’ jokes about space, motors, Mars, pot and Dogecoin during monologue

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The 49-year-old South Africa-born billionaire said he believes in a renewable energy future and that humanity should be a "multi-planetary space-bearing civilization." "I think if I just posted that on Twitter I’d be...

Jimmy Kimmel spars with Ted Cruz on Twitter, takes the fight to his late-night monologue

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The 53-year-old comedian mocked Cruz, R-Texas, after he shared a tweet comparing a Russian army ad to one from the U.S. Army that features a female soldier discussing how she was raised by two mothers. Cruz derided t...

Jesse Watters roasts Greg Gutfeld in special opening monologue of ‘Gutfeld!’

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WATTERS: In all seriousness, I love Greg like I love my assistant. That much. GG is the man, funniest guy I know. I don’t really know that many people…but it’s a compliment. Exclamation point is a hit. He’s a prolif...

2021 Emmys: Cedric the Entertainer roasts the British royal family, 'Gevaar!’ and more in opening monologue

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He was joined by fellow actors LL Cool J, Mandy Moore, Brendan Hunt, Tracee Ellis Ross, Billy Porter, Rita Wilson, and more who all contributed a verse. Later he returned to the stage to deliver his monologue and po...

Kim Kardashian ‘SNLmonologue takes aim at entire family: ‘I’m surprised to see me here, ook’

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The 40-year-old reality star took the stage in a hot pink jump suit with matching hot pink heels – and not a single member of her family was safe from her jokes. Kim started off her monologue by joking she was surpri...