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A woman died while scuba diving in a lake at Montana’s Glacier National Park

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An 18-year-old woman died in a scuba diving accident at Montana's Glacier National Park on Sunday. A park ranger responded a report about an accident at about 5:50 pm., according to a news release from the National...

Drake pulls ‘Splash Brotherssong from French Montana’s album in wake of Astroworld tragedy: informes

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The Canadian rapper, who joined Travis Scott on stage for the Nov. 5 concert in Houston, Texas, has decided to pull the song "Splash Brothers" from French Montana's upcoming album "They Got Amnesia." Drake's decisio...

Judge pauses Montana’s enforcement of law that makes it harder for transgender residents to modify their birth certificates

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Washington Montana must pause its enforcement of a law requiring transgender residents to provide proof that they underwent a "surgical procedure" to change their sex in order to modify the sex designations on their ...

Ryan Zinke, Trump’s former Interior secretary, will win GOP primary in Montana’s 1st District, Proyectos de CNN

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Ex representante. Ryan Zinke, who left his seat for a scandal-plagued tenure as then-President Donald Trump's Interior secretary, has won the GOP primary in Montana's 1st Congressional District, CNN Projects. Zinke, a fo...