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Alma Wahlberg, madre degli attori Donnie e Mark Wahlberg, muore all'età 78

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Alma Wahlberg, la madre degli attori Donnie e Mark Wahlberg, è morto, i fratelli hanno annunciato domenica. Lei era 78. "Mio angelo. Riposa in pace," Mark ha scritto nella didascalia di una foto della matriarca di famiglia su Instagram ...

Jayne Mansfield’s children say ‘50s blonde bombshell ‘cared so much about being a good mother’

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The Hollywood actress was just 34 years old when she passed away in 1967 from injuries she sustained in a late-night car accident. Driver Ronald B. Harrison and companion Samuel S. Brody also perished. Three of her f...

Mother of Daunte Wright’s son, 2, ‘really hurtbecause he doesn’t have a father after fatal police shooting

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"I really don't want to do this by myself," an emotional Chyna Whitaker said during a news conference. "I never thought in a million years that this would happen. I'm just really hurt for my son because he doesn't ha...

California child protective agency declines to answer questions about mother accused of killing her 3 ragazzi

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In una dichiarazione a Fox News, the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), the largest child protective services agency in the nation, said state law prohibits it from commenting on whether a child or family ...

Ohio mother charged with murder after son’s body found decomposing under pile of clothes

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Dominic Allen was missing from late September 2020 until early December, when police found his body inside the home of his mother, Kenya Stallworth, 39, e suo marito, Robert Robb, 35. Kenya Stallworth was...

‘The First Lady’ taps Regina Taylor to play Michelle Obama’s mother in Showtime anthology series

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Also cast in recurring roles are Saniyya Sidney ("Fences") as Sasha Obama, newcomer Julian DeNiro as young Barack Obama and Evan Parke ("Django Unchained") as SS Allen Taylor, Michelle Obama’s first and longtime secu...

La Corte respinge il ricorso per killer della madre, figlie nel massacro dell'invasione domestica

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I giudici hanno emesso un 7-0 decisione lunedì che conferma le condanne contro Joshua Komisarjevsky. Ha fatto appello su diversi argomenti, tra cui il fatto che lo stato non ha spostato il suo processo da New Haven per controbattere al processo preliminare..

Tina Turner documentary fails to examine her absence as a mother, dice la fonte: ‘She doesn’t speak to anybody

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Tina's life and career was documented in HBO Max's "Tina" documentario, released last month. The two-hour long film chronicled the musical powerhouse's humble beginnings alongside her late first husband and collaborat...

California mother suspected of killing 3 kids ‘unwellfor months, family member says; father ‘devastated

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LOS ANGELES MOTHER ARRESTED AFTER THREE TODDLERS FOUND STABBED TO DEATH Investigators are working to establish a motive after the bodies of the children, età 3, 2 e 6 mesi, were discovered by their grandmother w...

Florida street racer gets 24 years for crash that killed mother, toddler: rapporto

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Cameron Herrin, adesso 21, was allegedly racing with a fellow student in Tampa in his brand-new Ford Mustang -- a high-school graduation present -- when he slammed into Jessica Reisinger-Raubenolt, 24, who was pushing h...

Heidi Klum’s daughter Leni, 16, gets Glamour Germany cover 20 years after her mother

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The 47-year-old runway icon is mother to Leni, 16, who is making strides of her own in the modeling world. The young star shared on Instagram on Thursday that she is the cover star of Glamour Germany's 20th-anniversa...

Connecticut man fatally stabbed his mother, dice la polizia

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Winston Weathers, 25, allegedly stabbed Denise McLaughlin, 51, in her Stamford apartment last week, hanno detto le autorità. He has been charged with murder. Her body was discovered Friday when police were performing a wel...

California missing mother, Maya Millete, volunteer search planned, Hawaii hometown also raising awareness

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Maya "Maggio" Millete, 39, was last seen at her home in Chula Vista, California, il gen. 7. The city in San Diego County is about 10 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border. Fox News exclusively reported this week that a witn...

Pete Davidson moves out of home he shared with his mother

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Il "Saturday Night Live" attore, 27, has famously lived with his mother in the Staten Island borough of New York City for some time now and has poked fun at himself a number of times. They own the house together. How...

California missing mother case gets new update from cops, ‘bringing her home safelyis number one priority

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Maggio "Maya" Millete, 39, was last seen at her home in Chula Vista, California on January 7. The city is located in San Diego County, di 10 miles from the borer. (Maya Millet’s family) "As we near ...

Un bambino di 2 anni è morto dopo aver ingerito il fentanil acquistato da sua madre, dice la polizia

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Una madre del Kentucky è stata arrestata dopo che suo figlio di 2 anni ha ingerito fentanil, secondo un comunicato stampa della polizia di Ludlow. La madre, Lauren Baker, deve affrontare l'accusa di omicidio, importazione di fentanil e traffico ...