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MIT professor buying a grad student and new mother a crib to keep in the lab highlights pandemic’s toll on working moms

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Karen Cunningham thought she had picked a good, stable time to start a family as a graduate student at MIT. But when she gave birth to her daughter, Katie, 在七月 2020, the coronavirus pandemic was surging. She and...

尼古拉斯凯奇的妈妈, 舞者乔伊·沃格桑, 死于 85

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凯奇的弟弟, 克里斯托弗·科波拉, 当时在他的 Facebook 页面上宣布了这一消息, 透露 85 岁的 Vogelsang 于 5 月去世 26. "我一整天都和她在一起,但离开了几个小时,错过了她的经历。.

康涅狄格警方追查母亲, 7-一岁女儿在韦斯特波特高档住宅内被发现死亡

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警察, 消防和 EMS 单位在周围做出反应 4 下午. 一个关于一个反应迟钝的女人的报告. 一名身份不明的女子被发现死在家中, 西港警察局说. 工作人员随后搜查了房屋并 ...

博士. 妮可·萨菲尔(Nicole Saphier): 让我们暂停为我们的孩子接种 COVID 疫苗 — 这是我作为医生和母亲的看法

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Vaccinating adults has considerably reduced new cases (95%), 住院治疗 (87%) 和死亡 (90%) 从过去的 COVID-19 6 月. The impetus behind vaccinating younger people is to protect them while also kee...


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一名西班牙男子被判入狱 15 年零五个月在他们在马德里合住的公寓里杀害和吃掉他的母亲. 阿尔贝托·桑切斯·戈麦斯杀死了他的母亲, 切开她的身体,吃了她一段时间。。.

西蒙娜·拜尔斯’ 在三重杀人案无罪释放后,兄弟在俄亥俄州法庭上被谋杀案受害者的母亲袭击

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在凯霍加县普通上诉法院法官琼·辛恩伯格 (Joan Synenberg) 发布裁决后,特文·拜尔斯·托马斯 (Tevin Biles-Thomas) 无罪释放, 克利夫兰亨廷顿会议中心画廊里的一位女士大喊, "你必须是f----...

South Carolina investigators release timeline of double murder of mother, 儿子

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Paul Murdaugh, 22, and his mother, 52-year-old Maggie Murdaugh, were found shot to death near dog kennels on the family's Colleton County estate on the evening of June 7. The father, [R. Alexander Murdaugh Sr., calle...

Eartha Kitt’s daughter says ‘Batman’ was a doting mother despite Hollywood fame: ‘We adored each other

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The legendary singer, actress and dancer, who purred her way into superstardom, passed away on Christmas Day in 2008 在年龄 81 from colon cancer. Her career spanned six decades and the late star is still celebrated b...

黑人母亲在佛罗里达学校董事会会议上抨击批判性种族理论: '不教导真理’

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"刚过五月 31, 标记 100 年份 [以来] 塔尔萨骚乱, 可悲的是,我们甚至正在考虑诸如批判种族理论之类的东西, 孩子们将被他们的肤色分开并被视为...

New York mother rips proponents of critical race theory: ‘They’re the racists

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"Why can’t we let the public know that you’re teaching our children to go out and murder our police officers," said Tatiana Ibrahim as a school administrator attempted to interject. "You want the proof? I have the pr...

佛罗里达州的母亲和学校董事会成员抨击批评种族理论是“反美”’ 课程

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规则, 最初由政府提出. 罗恩·迪桑蒂斯, 指示佛罗里达学校 "实事求是," 并限制有关种族和历史的某些思想的教学. 规则是这样写的: "需要说明...

拉斯维加斯警方确认7岁男孩在远足径上被发现死亡, 母亲在科罗拉多被捕

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上个月在拉斯维加斯附近的一条小路上被发现死亡的男孩的母亲在科罗拉多州被捕, 拉斯维加斯警方周二在新闻稿中表示. 周一,警方确认这名男孩是 7 岁的 Liam Huste。.

佛罗里达青少年的母亲因篡改证据而刺死特里斯汀贝利, 警察说

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水晶史密斯, 35, 周六向当局自首, 圣. 约翰斯县警长办公室在一份声明中说. 佛罗里达青少年被指控致命刺伤 TRISTYN BAILEY PLEADS NOT GUILTY 史密斯是飞蛾。.

‘汉妮’ exclusive shows nine-year-old Guatemalan boy who crosses into US alone to locate estranged mother

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Carter encountered the young boy late Wednesday when she noticed him walking alone without any adult guardians. The boy told Carter he had not seen his mother since she left home when he was two years old and he had ...

Colorado mother calls for end to critical race theory ‘nightmare,’ rebukes local school board

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"Equity policy is the same as critical race theory and the reason why it’s so damaging is it divides students into groups. It is not the same as equality or equal opportunity which is what every parent is for and wha...

What my single mother taught me can help all parents

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My mom and I moved to a small house in the Northeast when I was a little girl, after a difficult divorce from my father in the 1980s. After the closing, the man who sold my mom the house had his say on his way out ...

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