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Jon Rahm het gemotiveer om meer na POY -snub te volg

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Die top-posisie Spaanse ster het twee voëltjies en twee bogeys Donderdag in 'n gelyke telling 72 in die eerste ronde van die Fortinet -kampioenskap, wat hom baie agterlaat by die leiers by Silverado Resort and Spa. "I was having a...

Florida man arrested after pointing gun at Black family in racially motivated assault: adjunkte

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Nicholas J. Gordon, 21, of DeLeon Springs, was identified as the suspect after the victims, a mother, father and two children under the age of 12, reported the incident to police, the Volusia County Sheriff's Office ...

FBI and DHS report finds deaths at hands of racially motivated violent extremists on the rise in US

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A newly released government report on domestic violent extremism warns lone wolf attackers with easily accessible weapons present the greatest terrorism threat to the US and the number of people dying at the hands o...

House Republicans demand answers from VP Harris on ‘politically motivatedborder decision

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Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the top Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, authored a letter with her 25 GOP committee colleagues to Harris on Thursday that questions whether a campaign pledge the vi...

Tom Brady reveals naysayers, doubters keep him motivated

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Brady shocked the NFL world in 2020 when he parted ways with the Patriots to join the Buccaneers. He joined a team with talented wide receivers and a solid defense. He also brought Rob Gronkowski along for the ride. ...

Man tot lewenslange gevangenisstraf gevonnis weens moorde op rasse by die kruidenierswinkel in Kentucky

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Die gesinne van twee mense wat vermoor is in 'n rasgemotiveerde moord by 'n voorstedelike kruidenierswinkel in Kentucky, het uiteindelik geregtigheid gesien. Gregory Bush is Dinsdag tot lewenslange tronkstraf gevonnis sonder die moontlikheid om ...

Decision to drop Michael Flynn case was ‘corrupt and politically motivated,’ court-appointed lawyer says

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The Justice Department's decision to drop the criminal case against former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn was a "corrupt and politically motivated favor," a former judge who was appointed to analyze t...