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Alabama balju beweer 'seksuele ontmoeting' as motief in 5-jarige meisie se moord, verdagte sonder borgtog aangehou

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Kamarie Holland het uit haar Columbus vermis geraak, Georgië, Maandag huis toe voordat die polisie haar oorskot daardie nag oor staatslyne in Phenix City gevind het, Alabama, volgens owerhede. "Ek dink beslis die motief was ...

Waukesha parade suspect faces multiple life sentences regardless of motive if convicted

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The Milwaukee man is accused of mowing down Waukesha’s Christmas parade. He has a violent past and had made anti-White and anti-Semitic Facebook posts before the social media giant took down his page last week. But e...

Brian Laundrie soek: Motive in prior domestic incident could be used in court, prokureur sê

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The FBI issued an arrest warrant for Laundrie on Sept. 23, accusing him of using an unidentified person’s Capital One card and the personal identification number to charge or withdraw over $ 1,000 between Aug. 30 'n ...

Concha on New York Times misreporting COVID cases: Are mistakes driven by motive to push narrative of fear?

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NEW YORK TIMES ISSUES MASSIVE CORRECTION AFTER OVERSTATING COVID HOSPITALIZATIONS AMONG CHILDREN JOE CONCHA: 840,000 missed, reg? Just incredible. Kyk, this is why trust in media is where it is. Gallup found that ...

Motive for Florida family’s massacre may never be known

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But they say they don't and, in werklikheid, may never know why Riley invaded the home of a family he had no known connection with, except that he may have been mentally ill. Riley's girlfriend told investigators that he ha...

Wat was die motief vir die moord op Tammy Daybell? Fox Nation se Nancy Grace ondersoek

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In die nuutste episode van Fox Nation's "Misdaadverhale met Nancy Grace," forensiese sielkundige Dr. Shari Schwartz het die moontlikheid gehuldig dat Tammy Daybell dalk geweet het van Chad Daybell se slegte bedoelings..

Nancy Grace examines possible motive in Dallas kidnapping, murder shown in chilling home surveillance video

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The footage from a baby monitoring system, exclusively obtained by the, shows Darriynn Brown, allegedly breaking into a Dallas home and taking Cash Gernon in the early Saturday morning hours. Gernon had...

Robert Durst’s defense says client had no motive, did not kill close friend

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"Bob Durst did not kill Susan Berman and he doesn't know who did," attorney Dick DeGuerin said in an abbreviated opening statement following a 14-month recess because of the pandemic. "Bob Durst had no motive and not...

Phillip Adams described as ‘lost without footballas police look to pin down motive

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York County authorities identified Adams as the man behind the gruesome rampage in Rock Hill on Wednesday evening but had yet to come up with a motive. Police said Adams turned the gun on himself, and authorities who...