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Idaho state trooper nearly rammed by pickup truck while helping stranded motorist: dashcam video

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The trooper, who was not immediately identified, was helping the driver of a Toyota who got a flat tire on I-84 in Ada County, Idaho State Police said. VIRGINIA POLICE OFFICER NARROWLY PULLS PARTNER TO SAFETY DURING...

Atlanta police officer crashed into gate to get to motorist in ravine

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Officer Jimmy Cenescar was responding to an accident call on Marietta Road around 1 am. when he came upon a witness screaming about a driver in trouble down an embankment, het die polisie in Atlanta gesê. ATLANTA...

North Carolina motorist charged with striking 2 Andrew Brown Jr. betogers

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Michelle Morris, 42, and Valerie Lindsey, 42, were hit by a car driven by 41-year-old Lisa O’Quinn of Greenville, according to an Elizabeth City police statement. The two women, wat swart is, were peacefully protest...

Virginia prosecutor says Black motorist should never have been pulled over, asks for investigation

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A Black employee of the Defense Department should not have been stopped by Virginia state troopers, says a prosecutor who dismissed the four charges against her and wants an investigation into what happened. Juanish...

'N Beampte het stilgehou om te help wat hy gedink het 'n motorfiets was. In plaas daarvan, hy het gehelp om 'n baba te baar

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Dit was 'n Valentynsdag-wonderwerk. 'N Beampte wat Sondag oggend naby die O'Hare Internasionale Lughawe in Chicago gestop het om te help wat hy gedink het 'n vasgevang motoris was, het vinnig agtergekom die passasier van die voertuig was aktief..

Massachusetts trooper fired after using racial slurs during confrontation with motorist, amptenare sê

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A Massachusetts state trooper has been fired after using racial slurs during an off-duty encounter with a motorist, authorities said in a statement. The unidentified male trooper exhibited "unacceptable conduct" dur...