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Aston Martin reveals ‘finalV12-powered Vantage before electric motors kill it

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Aston Martin has announced the upcoming return of a V12-powered Vantage that combines its largest engine with its smallest car. Aston's 5.2-liter twin-turbocharged V12 is rated from 528 hp to 715 hp in vari...

General Motors reveals the Ultium electric motors that will power it into the future

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The automaker revealed the three electric motors that will be featured across the upcoming lineup of electric models that will be built on its Ultium battery-powered platform. The three motors come in three power lev...

General Motors building Lunar Terrain Vehicle for return to the Moon

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Die motorvervaardiger, who helped Boeing develop the Lunar Rover Vehicle (LRV) used by the Apollo program astronauts is collaborating the Lockheed Martin to build a Lunar Terrain Vehicle as part of NASA's Artemis Program, wh ...

Flavortown mayor Guy Fieri gives Lordstown Motors a shout-out on Twitter

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The celebrity chef on Tuesday quote-tweeted a post from Ohio-basewd electric truck startup Lordstown Motors about its first pre-production beta build trucks to come off of its assembly line. "Congrats on the Betas a...