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Border Brothers gang member with ‘extensive’ criminal, immigration history arrested in California mountains

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Agents assigned to the El Centro Sector arrested the individual in the Jacumba Wilderness Region, which is located in southcentral California.

Colorado snowboarder dies in avalanche in San Juan Mountains

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A man was snowboarding in Colorado's San Juan Mountains when he was buried and killed by an avalanche on Thursday. The 29-year-old, identified as Devin Overton from Telluride, was solo snowboarding in backcountry wh...

Search of rugged Montana mountains continues for hiker, 23, missing nearly a month

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K-9 teams from multiple agencies were being dispatched via helicopter on Saturday and Sunday into an area where Tatum Morell could have ventured after setting off alone on the West Fork Trailhead near the city of Red...

Explore the Pocono Mountains 400: Ganar $1,000 gratis con FOX Super 6

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That one week of the year, sin embargo, is when the serenity breaks into a tin of noise as the NASCAR series rolls in and turns up the volume. This weekend’s Sunday race, the Explore The Pocono Mountains 400, is a test o...

Osos negros chocan en una fiesta en la piscina de Tennessee cerca de las Montañas Humeantes

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Un grupo de JROTC recibió recientemente a algunos invitados inesperados en su fiesta en la piscina en el Chalet Village cerca de las Montañas Humeantes en Gatlinburg, Tennesse. De algun modo, siete osos negros pudieron entrar en lo que parecía b ...

Washington state officials searching for man, 66, who never returned from solo hike in mountains

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Thomas Simonseth, 66, of Mount Vernon, left for a day hike up the Hidden Lake Trail, about nine miles east of Marblemount, and was expected to be back by 7 pm. that same day, the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office said ...

Encontraron muerta en las montañas a una mujer de California desaparecida que hizo una caminata de un día, la policía dice

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Una mujer cuya familia denunció su desaparición cuando no regresó de una caminata de un día el fin de semana pasado fue encontrada muerta cerca de un sendero de montaña en el sur de California el sábado., la policía dice. Narineh Avakian, residente de Glendale..

Trump’s ‘mountains of misinformationat rally not helping Republican Senate chances, Georgia’s GOP lieutenant governor says

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Georgia Republican Lt. Gobernador. Geoff Duncan said Sunday that the "mountains of misinformation" about the election that President Donald Trump is spreading, most recently in his remarks at a rally in the state Saturday ...

Great Smoky Mountains National Park entrance vandalized with ‘Black lives don’t matter’ firmar

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Officials from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park are investigating after someone placed a black bear skin and a cardboard sign that read "from here to the lake black lives don't matter," at an entrance to the ...

Woman dies hiking in the extreme heat in the Santa Monica Mountains

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A 41-year-old woman died after hiking in extreme heat in the Santa Monica Mountains on Saturday with temperatures above 110 grados. The woman was hiking with a friend and began to feel sick, so the pair turned arou...