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Pressure mounts on ’60 Minutes’ to correct, retract DeSantis report: Critic says ‘CBS clearly made mistakes’

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"CBS clearly made mistakes in professional journalistic judgment in the execution of this story. These are the kinds of mistakes that necessarily happen when enterprise reporting is done with bias and on the basis of...

A-Lim Kim mounts incredible comeback to win the US Women’s Open and clinch her first major

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South Korea's A-Lim Kim staged an incredible final-round comeback to win the U.S. Women's Open in Houston, Texas, and claim her first major title. The world No. 94 made birdie on each of her final three holes to ear...

Netflix mounts this year’s Oscar push on a very different playing field

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Netflix has spent the last few years pushing a boulder uphill, making gradual inroads in garnering Oscar recognition for its movies. Now the streaming service heads into a holiday season with an ambitious slate of f...

Frustration mounts with Meadowsleadership amid pandemic handling

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Trump aides are voicing concerns with Mark Meadows one week before the election after the White House chief of staff, in a stunning exchange Sunday with CNN's Jake Tapper, gesê, "We are not going to control the pand...

Protesters clash with police in northern Italy as anger mounts over Covid-19 restrictions

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Rome Protesters have clashed with police in northern Italy, as demonstrations erupted across the country Monday night over government restrictions aimed at quelling a second wave of Covid-19. In Turin, dozens were w...