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‘No Sudden Moverevives the 1950s crime thriller for the streaming age

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Steven Soderbergh continues his prolific directing streak with "No Sudden Move," a 1950s crime thriller that's an obvious ode to the movies of that era and a nifty showcase for its sizable cast, topped by Don Cheadl...

Chip Roy backs Elise Stefanik, says GOP must ‘move forwardafter conference chair loss

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Roy, R-Ariz., was always an extreme longshot to win the conference chair position. He announced his intention to run for the third-ranking post in the House Republican Conference this week only after members had alre...

Tim Tebow’s switch to tight end with Jaguars ‘a desperation move,’ Dice la star di ESPN

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Tebow had long been averse to switching his position. He had won a playoff game as a quarterback but was never able to become a starter in a quarterback role again in the NFL. He played for the Denver Broncos and New...