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Uvalde cops’ delayed response blamed on Defund the Police movement on ‘Joe Rogan Experience

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The former Green Beret sniper appeared on the podcast to promote his latest book "Scars and Stripes" di giovedì. Their conversation eventually led to the Texas school shooting and the failures of the police to act i...

Kirk Cameron touts parent-led homeschooling movement as millions say goodbye to public schools

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Cameron told Watters there's this "great awakening" that's taking place and parents are waking up, noting the coronavirus pandemic shined a spotlight on what kids are learning in schools. "This is such an exciting ti...

BLM has left Black Americans worse off since the movement began, dicono gli esperti

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"I would argue that, on balance, these communities are worse off because by [BLM] overemphasizing the role of police, they've changed police behavior for the worse," the Manhattan Institute’s Jason Riley told Fox New...

Planned Parenthood director says pro-life movement is ‘completely consistentwith segregation

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MSNBC host Joy Reid said the pro-life movement was primarily founded and functions as a push for segregation. PRO-CHOICE PROTESTS THE LATEST IN LIBERAL MEDIA’S HISTORY OF DEFENDING VIOLENCE BY LEFT-WING ACTIVISTS ...

Karl Rove: Biden ha definito pericoloso il movimento MAGA un "segno di disperazione".’

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RAPPRESENTANTE. DONALDS STRAPPI SOPRA LE OSSERVAZIONI DI 'MAGA CROWD': "UNO DEI PRESIDENTI PIÙ DIVISIVI DI SEMPRE" KARL ROVE: si, bene, Non credo che volerà molto bene. intendo, veramente, il movimento Trump è più pericoloso di....

Lara Trump: MAGA movement started because of ‘failed politicianslike Joe Biden

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DEMOCRATS USE LEAKED SCOTUS OPINION TO PUSH BILL LEGALIZING SOME ABORTIONS FOR ALL 9 MONTHS LARA TRUMP: Not that we expect a whole lot of Joe Biden but even this was totally ridiculous to label the MAGA crowd as one ...

FBI director, ’60 Minutes’ ignore movement to defund police during segment on rise of cop murders

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The total murder rate rose 29% l'anno scorso, Pelley noted when discussing a staggering rise in violent crimes. Wray responded that the COVID-19 pandemic "didn’t help" the crime surge before listing a variety of potentia...

Costruire un movimento attorno alla nemesi incarcerata di Putin

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Una versione di questa storia è apparsa nella newsletter What Matters della CNN. Per ottenerlo nella tua casella di posta, iscriviti gratuitamente qui. Forse l'elemento più sorprendente del nuovo film della CNN, "Navalny" -- che debutterà domenica alle 9 p.m ....

Il massiccio aumento dei neri americani assassinati è stato il risultato del movimento della polizia di defunding: esperti

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"da Papi Steak sulla First Street, le proteste e le rivolte a metà del 2020 dopo la morte di George Floyd hanno seguito uno schema di accresciuta violenza che abbiamo visto a seguito di passati incidenti virali della polizia, come la morte di Michael Brown e Freddi...

MIT will once again require applicants to take the SAT or ACT, bucking anti-test movement

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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced it will once again require applicants to take the SAT or ACT, reversing a Covid-era policy that made the standardized tests optional and rejecting the idea that th...

Gli investigatori hanno detto che era stata mu.., Gli investigatori hanno detto che era stata mu..

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Washington, Gli investigatori hanno detto che era stata mu.., Gli investigatori hanno detto che era stata mu.., giovedì ha annunciato la sua approvazione di Summer Lee nel 12° distretto congressuale della Pennsylvania, giovedì ha annunciato la sua approvazione di Summer Lee nel 12° distretto congressuale della Pennsylvania.

Karl Rove: Dems are going to face consequences at the polls for embracing woke movement

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SAN FRANCISCO ORGANIZERS CELEBRATE RECALL OF WOKE SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS: 'MESSAGE IS LOUD AND CLEAR' KARL ROVE: Some people have been warning for a while, I was on a panel last fall before the Virginia elections with ...

Crime spikes force schools to reinstate resource officers as defund movement collapses

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"I think what you're seeing and the reaction from these school districts is exactly what we're seeing in almost every major city in this country: Everybody's having buyer's remorse for defunding the police," Fraterna...

CNN guest claims Super Bowl Halftime Show ‘a bad dayfor the BLM movement

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During the hip-hop-centered show, Eminem closed his part by kneeling on the stage in reference to NFL player Colin Kaepernick’s protest. Il Bengals Tyler Boyd mette in dubbio il tiro di rigore in ritardo mentre i fan della NFL strappano l'arbitraggio del Super Bowl: ‘ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOU...

Man allegedly linked to the Boogaloo movement pleads guilty to 2020 fatal shooting of federal guard

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A California man who had symbols linked to the extremist Boogaloo movement pleaded guilty to murder and attempted murder charges related to a 2020 "drive-by shooting" outside a federal building complex in Oakland, t ...

Canadian ‘Freedom Convoytrucker says movement is ‘worldwide,’ does not ‘think it can be stopped

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One trucker told Fox News contributor Sara Carter he does not "think it can be stopped." "I think it's wonderful to see, and I think it took strong Canadians to get this movement moving and I think it spread worldwid...