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Make $2,500 to watch 25 movies in 25 days with this ideal holiday job

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It's every movie lover's dream to spend the season watching their favorite holiday films, but is going to pay someone to do just that. Il sitoweb, a team of experts who give their recommendations on c...

Film di Natale che non sapevi fossero film di Natale

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Ci sono così tante volte che puoi guardare "Il Princess Switch." E forse hai visto tutti i film di Natale che ci sono. Ma ci sono tantissimi film là fuori, dalla giusta prospettiva, contare come una vacanza wa ...

Streaming TV and movies became a flood in 2020. But that comes at a cost

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L'anno 2020 will be remembered for many things, but in terms of movies and TV, it will mark the moment when streaming became a flood. While that has huge business implications for entertainment companies, it also ...

Film 2020: With ‘Tenetand ‘Mulan,’ theaters never had a fighting chance

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Hollywood studios and movie theaters spent much of the spring and summer engaged in a strange chess match, trying to find the right time to launch two aspiring blockbusters, "Tenet" e "Mulan," which might jumpstar...

Watergate inspired movies. The Trump era history will likely be told on TV

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"Frontline" closes out its stellar work during the Trump presidency with "Trump's American Carnage," a documentary charting the chaos and discord that characterized Donald Trump's time in the White House, methodical...

‘Groundhog Day,’ the movie’s final life lessons for our perpetual pandemic

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David G. Allan è il direttore editoriale di CNN Travel, Stile, Scienza e benessere. Questo saggio fa parte di una colonna chiamata The Wisdom Project, a cui puoi iscriverti qui. "What would you do if you were stuck ...

Why the red planet captures our imagination in movies and books

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Consider the odds of your having been born: from the earliest stirrings of protohominid life — the ones writer Arthur C. Clarke and director Stanley Kubrick imagined in "2001: Una odissea spaziale" — to the present, acro...