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Gutfeld: MLB moving All-Star Game to Denver makes them feel good, but hurts those they insist on helping

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Wel, it is Colorado, so maybe weed, because you've got to be mile high to think this was a solution, for a number of reasons that aren't Colorado's fault. It's just that in this new woke world, skin color is everyth...

Jets’ Joe Douglas talks moving on from Sam Darnold: ‘We felt that wouldn’t be the best situation for Sam

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Douglas addressed the media on Tuesday, just one day after the Jets traded Darnold to the Carolina Panthers in exchange for several draft packs, and explained that with all the changes coming in 2021, moving on would...

Moving MLB All-Star Game from Atlanta is ‘serious mistake,’ former Commissioner Fay Vincent says

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Vincent, who wrote an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal, said Manfred made a decision "without first protesting the substance of the law." He added that Manfred made a "serious mistake", and the All-Star Game ...

Sy. John Kennedy: MLB moving All-Star Game from Atlanta ‘has nothing to do with race

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KENNEDY: Forget Mars. We need to search for intelligent life in the Major League Baseball commissioner's office. I have never seen anything like this. Commissioner Manfred has a fiduciary responsibility to Major Leag...

Georgië Gov. Kemp skeur MLB vir 'teenstrydigheid’ van die verskuiwing van spel uit die half-swart Atlanta na die meerderheid wit Denver

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BRIAN KEMP: Ja, Ek dink hulle sal. ek bedoel, dit is amper komies - net al hierdie treffers wat aanhou volg: skuif die All-Star-spel van 'n stad wat dit is, jy weet, 'n metrogebied 51 persent Afro-Amerikaner tot ...

Psaki oor die verskuiwing van MLB All-Star Game na Colorado: Wetgewing in Georgië is 'gebou op 'n leuen’

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Peter Doocy van Fox News het Psaki Dinsdag gevra om in te weeg, daarop dat die twee state ooreenkomste in hul verkiesingswet gehad het. Die perssekretaris het weerlê dat hul verkiesingswet soortgelyk was, let op die Colorado-pos ...

Sy. Tim Scott op die MLB-verhuising van die All-Star-wedstryd van Georgia: ‘Die Wokes is weer daaraan’

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LEO TERRELL: LINKS GEBRUIK 'AL SHARPTON'S PLAYBOOK,'INTIMIDERENDE PANIES MET RASSISME EISE "Midsomer Classic" was vir Julie ingestel 13 by Truist Park, die tuiste van die Atlanta Braves, totdat die MLB Vrydag besluit het om te kan ....

National weather forecast: Widespread rain, thunderstorms moving across US

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The Storm Prediction Center has issued a slight risk of severe weather including hail and strong winds over the Central Plains on Tuesday and Tuesday night. Op Woensdag, the threat shifts southeast to the Lower Mis...

Biden sê hy sal 'sterk steun’ die MLB All-Star Game uit Georgië te skuif oor die nuwe stemwet

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President Joe Biden het gesê hy sal "sterk steun" die verskuiwing van die Major League Baseball All-Star-wedstryd van hierdie jaar uit Georgië na die aanvaarding van 'n omvattende verkiesingswetsontwerp wat 'n golf van nuwe stemperke meebring..

Michelle Obama has a moving conversation with Dwyane Wade’s daughter, Zaya

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Michelle Obama on Thursday held a virtual meeting with the teenage daughter of Dwayne Wade, Zaya Wade. The pair shared advice and discussed Obama's recently released adaptation for young readers of her No. 1 best-se...

Chadwick Boseman se weduwee hou aangrypende toespraak as akteur Golden Globe wen

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Wyle Chadwick Boseman is Sondag met 'n Golden Globe vereer vir sy ongelooflike beurt "Ma Rainey se Black Bottom." Boseman se vrou, Taylor Simone Ledward, die toekenning aanvaar -- wat vir die beste prestasie was ...

Stevie Wonder is moving to Ghana

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Singer Stevie Wonder is moving to Ghana. The iconic, award-winning performer spoke to Oprah Winfrey in an interview explaining his decision, citing the political turmoil in the United States. "I wanna see this natio...

Cori Bush sê sy skuif kantore om van Marjorie Taylor Greene weg te kom ná maskerwisseling

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Demokratiese Rep. Cori Bush van Missouri het Vrydag aangekondig dat sy haar kantoor gaan wegskuif van GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene van Georgia, na 'n hewige woordewisseling vroeër vandeesmaand waar Bush vir Gr..

What Dakota Johnson’s moving performance as a dying woman taught her a lot about living

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Dakota Johnson's latest role in the poignant film "Our Friend" taught her life lessons she plans to carry with her. Johnson plays Nicole Teague in the film, based on a true story about a woman's arduous battle with...

White House moving day packed with taxpayer-funded Covid-19 cleanings and shifting sports equipment

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A thorough cleaning is part of the every-four-years tradition that comes with the outgoing president and his family swapping White House living with the incoming president and family. The delicate and highly choreo...

Biden to take train to Washington for inauguration, moving forward to ‘not be deterredby violence or virus

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Joe Biden will begin his new journey as the 46th President of the United States in a familiar way: riding Amtrak from Wilmington to Washington. A day before he is sworn into office, Biden is planning to make his way...

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