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MSNBC anchor cites climate change as major reason for migrant surge

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Reporting from Guatemala, Mohyeldin told viewers the deep structural and economic problems in the country are "compounded" by both the coronavirus pandemic and climate change. Climate change, Egli ha detto, è "making the ...

MSNBC host links Biden to Reagan, but top Republicans have a different comparison

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Melber suggested Biden has as much ability to unite lawmakers as Reagan, who was nicknamed The Great Communicator, but leading Republicans scoffed at the comparison. "Could Biden be to the Republican Party what Reag...

MSNBC host mangles Georgia voting law, suggests it’s illegal for voters to have food and water in line

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"We have heard a lot about no food or water in line, but beyond those headlines, what is the most dangerous part of this bill?" she asked Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, D. "The most dangerous part of this bill, ...

MSNBC sta ottenendo un nuovo presidente, la prima persona di colore a gestire un'importante rete di notizie via cavo

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New York (CNN Business)Phil Griffin, il presidente di MSNBC negli ultimi dodici anni, will step down shortly after President-elect Biden's inauguration in January. Rashida Jones, a senior vice president with a wide ...