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MSNBC guest claimed track and field can be ‘a very gendered place

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On Saturday’s episode of American Voices, Menendez spoke with track athlete Nikki Hiltz who recently competed against women in the Olympic trials. Despite Hiltz not qualifying for the American team, Menendez highlig...

Rittenhouse lawyer rips CNN, MSNBC for false reporting, botching ‘basic facts

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"Much of the coverage at the beginning was wrong," el dijo "Banfield" host Ashleigh Banfield, who previously worked for CNN, domingo. "The trial proved that." Richards mentioned outlets like CNN and MSNBC who blatantl...

Liberal MSNBC host preemptively blames Manchin, Sinema for Democrats’ potencial 2022 midterm shellacking

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Hasan claimed in a Thursday tweet that Manchin and Sinema would be the "número 1 razón" for any potential Democratic loss in November while dismissing a number of other possible factors in a hypothetical defeat. "If...

MSNBC, CNN, celebrities slam GOP and DeSantis over Florida law: ‘Nazi pig

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Dubbed the "Don’t Say Gay" bill by critics, some public figures took the epithet a bit too literally when they claimed the new legislation actually made it illegal to utter the word gay in the state of Florida. En un...

Clarence Thomas is one of the ‘most corrupt justices in American history,’ MSNBC guest declares

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He blasted the conservative member of the court for supposedly "disertando" the American people on respecting the Court as an institution after the devastating draft opinion leak when he’s so "corrupt." Host Tiffany ...

CNN, Los programas de horario estelar de MSNBC ignoran las últimas noticias del ex Senador. Barbara Boxer siendo atacada, robado en California

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Los medios liberales han sido criticados recientemente por restar importancia o ignorar un aumento en los crímenes violentos en las ciudades más grandes de Estados Unidos.. El robo de un boxeador parece ser el último ejemplo, ya que tanto CNN como MSNBC ignoraron el ...

MSNBC producer excoriated for calling Chinese human rights abuses ‘alleged,’ pandering to communist nation

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"Japan has decided not to send senior officials to the Beijing Olympics in February — a move that will align it with the U.S. diplomatic boycott over China's alleged human rights abuses," Griffin wrote on Twitter. C...

MSNBC, CNN, PBS embrace Biden rhetoric on inflation, gas price hike: ‘Putin’s price hike a great’ mensaje

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Despite the possible impact of the White House’s rampant spending and progressive energy policies, many outlets brushed and laughed off criticisms levied against the Biden administration, instead bending over backwar...

Brooklyn shooting: Bloomberg, MSNBC, Democrats and more hyped less police on subways

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un criminal de carrera adicto a las drogas con antecedentes penales en al menos Massachusetts y New Hampshire 13 article from Insider, Taiyler Simone Mitchell highlighted criticism of Adams’ plan from some city residents, who claimed that they need better resources, such as investments in housing and mental healt...

CNN, MSNBC, A B C, CBS, NBC ignora el último escándalo de Cuomo sobre el supuesto quid pro quo con las vacunas COVID

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El Wall Street Journal informó el sábado que la investigación del Fiscal General de Nueva York sobre el gobernador en conflicto se ha ampliado nuevamente., esta vez en acusaciones de que la administración Cuomo nos intentó..

MSNBC has brutal day with historic viewership declines, Election Night meltdowns

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October cable viewership was unveiled earlier in the day, indicating that Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s loss isn’t the liberal network’s only reason to panic. TWITTER ROASTS MSNBC FO...

Jen Psaki clashes with liberal MSNBC host over Biden’s filibuster flip-flop

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Durante una aparición en "La undécima hora," Psaki was pressed by Hasan over the timeline of Biden's decision to change his mind and openly support the idea of changing the Senate filibuster, with the latter relentlessly...

MSNBC host baffled that Biden’s ‘big winsaren’t translating into higher approval ratings

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During a segment on "La undécima hora," first reported on by NewsBusters, the liberal host noted Biden's tumbling approval rating in a new NBC News Poll, but sought "to add a little context" y "bring in some facts" lejos...

MSNBC warns of right-wing extremists weaponizing ‘motherhood

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Miller-Idriss argued women and especially mothers "play a more significant role in far-right extremist movements than is often acknowledged." MSNBC COLUMN SOUNDS RED ALERT OVER DESANTIS: ‘MOST DANGEROUS FIGURE IN AME...

MSNBC pundit Matthew Dowd: Capitol riot was ‘worse than 9/11,’ because it continues to ‘rip our country apart’

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"A mi, though there was less loss of life on January 6 – January 6 was worse than 9/11 because it’s continued to rip our country apart and give permission for people to pursue autocratic means," Dowd said on MSNBC’s...

Cruz critica a MSNBC por segmento que vincula el Día de Acción de Gracias con la "supremacía blanca"’ y "genocidio’

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".@msnbc mensaje corporativo: Acción de Gracias apesta," el republicano de Texas tuiteó. "Ven por las mentiras; quédate por el odio antiamericano." Senador Ted Cruz, un republicano de texas, habla durante el Republicano J ...

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