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'Incorniciare Britney Spears’ riguarda i fan della cantante tanto quanto i suoi problemi legali

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"Incorniciare Britney Spears" salta il titolo più ovvio, "Britney libera," il nome di un movimento guidato dai fan che alla fine è l'obiettivo principale di quest'ultimo "Il New York Times presenta" documentario. Sebbene la Spears ...

'Mamma’ says goodbye with a finale that’s as much about beginnings

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Quanto segue contiene spoiler sul "Mamma" finale di serie. Il "Mamma" finale was as much about beginnings as endings, as the CBS sitcom about sobriety settled for a low-key finish, which included a wedding but no...

'Donna pioniera’ Ree Drummond reveals 38-pound weight loss: ‘I feel so much better

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Il "Donna pioniera" is known for making a living off of her skills in the kitchen. She's published seven cookbooks and still updates fans through her "Donna pioniera" blog. Sebbene, like many during 2020 when the cor...

‘There’s so much energy right now’: Youth organizers tackle voter engagement amid a pandemic

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Washington, D.C. Following a summer of political activism and frustration around Covid-19, young people say they're channeling their energy and dissatisfaction with the current political system into voter engagement....

1 video that shows exactly how much damage Trump is doing to the idea of truth

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CNN's Donie O'Sullivan went to a Trump rally in Minnesota recently to ask attendees what was on their Facebook feeds, as a way to get a sense for the information -- e, più spesso, disinformazione -- they were being...

2020 è stato un anno terribile per l'Europa. 2021 è improbabile che sia molto meglio

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Londra Faresti fatica a trovare qualcuno in Europa che sarà infelice di vedere le spalle 2020. Covid-19, La Brexit e la carneficina politica internazionale di quest'anno hanno martellato il continente e acuito la tensione..

5 exercises to offset too much sitting

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Get back in the groove and ease into a healthy routine. Fitness, But Better is a seven-part fitness guide, backed by expert Dana Santas. Sign up here. It's another day of self-isolating, which means it's potentially...

Australia’s wildfires released as much smoke as a massive volcanic eruption, reperti di studio

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Australia's devastating recent wildfires thrust as much smoke into the Earth's atmosphere as a powerful volcanic eruption, causing cooling over the region's oceans with potentially long-lasting impacts, secondo...

Biden to announce US will aim to cut carbon emissions by as much as 52% di 2030 at virtual climate summit

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President Joe Biden on Thursday will kick off a climate summit attended by 40 other world leaders by announcing an ambitious cut in greenhouse gas emissions as he looks to put the US back at the center of the global...

Chadwick Boseman 'molto’ onorato da "Black Panter II,’ dice la star Lupita Nyong’o

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L'attore, che ha interpretato l'eroe titolare in 2018 colpo, è morto tragicamente lo scorso agosto dopo aver combattuto contro il cancro. "Black Panther II" era già stato annunciato dalla Marvel per essere in sviluppo prima della sua morte. Sebbene il D ...

Chris Wallace: Biden administration ‘doesn’t have much of an answerto border crisis

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WALLACE: Bene, I don't know about priorities, but it doesn't seem that they have much of an answer to the crisis at the border, and maybe that's the reason that they're not they're not pushing it. ... E, you know...

Crenshaw says he can’t see ‘much other than lights and shadows’ after eye surgery, hopeful for recovery

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The surgery involved a damaged retina. Crenshaw said he had his first follow-up appointment since the surgery on April 9, and doctors found his retina was still in its proper place. "I can lift my head up again and ...

Democrats may have *too* much of a good thing in Florida in 2022

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The oldest rule of politics goes like this: You can't beat someone with no one. Come in, no matter how weak a candidate one party fields, the other party must find a credible alternative if it wants to unseat the incu...

Dog owner finds threatening note and poisoned bone because the pet ‘barks too much

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A woman in Australia says that one of her neighbors seemingly tried to kill her dog. Apparentemente, the unidentified person left a poisoned bone out for the beloved pet. Cheri Blair let her dog, a Portuguese Po...

Donald Trump, dealmaker? Non così tanto.

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Donald Trump came to the White House promising that he would make deals the likes of which the country and the world never seen. He nears the end of his first term in Washington on Wednesday by abruptly ending the ...

Elton John receives iHeartRadio Music Awards’ icon nod as Chris Martin jokes he doesn’t ‘know much’ about him

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Martin flat out admitted, "I don't really know anything about Elton John" and jokingly quipped that he hoped the "fistfight" he had with the show’s teleprompter guy didn’t lead to any mix-ups as he was "just going to...