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Liam Neeson doesn’t steal much more than your time in ‘Honest Thief

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By the standards of Liam Neeson thrillers (and there are a lot from which to choose), "Honest Thief" is pretty weak tea, a passable, low-octane action movie that doesn't do much more than steal one's time. Like seco...

Donald Trump, dealmaker? Non così tanto.

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Donald Trump came to the White House promising that he would make deals the likes of which the country and the world never seen. He nears the end of his first term in Washington on Wednesday by abruptly ending the ...

Trump just couldn’t say it. Ancora, he said so much.

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Washington President Donald Trump likes to make the false assertion that, perhaps save for Abraham Lincoln, "nobody has ever done for the Black community" what Trump has done. But what he said -- or rather, what he d...

1 video that shows exactly how much damage Trump is doing to the idea of truth

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CNN's Donie O'Sullivan went to a Trump rally in Minnesota recently to ask attendees what was on their Facebook feeds, as a way to get a sense for the information -- e, più spesso, misinformation -- they were being...

The strange case of the man who died after eating too much licorice

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It's hard to exercise restraint when eating candy. For licorice lovers, indulging sparingly could actually be life saving. A study published Wednesday in The New England Journal of Medicine says a 54-year-old man di...

‘There’s so much energy right now’: Youth organizers tackle voter engagement amid a pandemic

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Washington, D.C. Following a summer of political activism and frustration around Covid-19, young people say they're channeling their energy and dissatisfaction with the current political system into voter engagement....

Here’s *exactly* why Donald Trump talked to Bob Woodward so much

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The news is stunning: President Donald Trump told longtime reporter Bob Woodward that he "wanted to always play [the threat posed by the coronavirus] giù" e "still like[d] playing it down, because I don't want to...

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