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Twin tropical storms threaten flooding, mudslides in Taiwan and Vietnam

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Hong Kong Vietnam and Taiwan are bracing for twin tropical storms which are expected to make landfall over the coming days, with typhoon Chanthu strengthening into a Super Typhoon in the past 24 ore. Taiwan has iss...

Almeno 4 people presumed dead after mudslides hit Japan

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Tokyo At least four people are presumed dead and two are missing after torrential rain triggered mudslides throughout Japan. Three of those victims in Nagano prefecture's Okaya City were presumed dead, though worker...

Colorado flooding kills 1, mudslides block roadways as flash floods force rescues in Southeast

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Three others were declared missing in the area – which had been burned by the 2020 Cameron Peak Fire – and drones were deployed to aid in the search, according to the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office. WHY DID THE AIR ...

Storms pound US, causing mudslides, power outages

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In Arizona, heavy rains caused flooding that crippled infrastructure, closed roadways and led to the death of a woman at Grand Canyon National Park, hanno detto i funzionari. Rebecca Copeland, 29, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, era ...

One woman injured, 25 structures damaged as powerful winter storm unleashes mudslides in parts of Northern California

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A Monterey County woman was injured and 25 structures were damaged as a powerful atmospheric river-fueled storm dumped heavy rain and snow on Northern California, triggering mudslides and debris flows. La donna era...