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Multiple Phoenix-area shootings leave one dead, multiple injured; suspect detained, sê die polisie

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There were eight different shootings that occurred within a 90-minute span, Peoria police Sgt. Brandon Sheffert said during a news conference. In totaal, four people were shot, one of whom was found dead inside a vehi...

CNN’s Chris Cuomo roasted after asking for examples of his bias as critics dig up multiple instances

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A Twitter account with roughly 300 followers mocked Cuomo by saying the CNN host constantly denies facts he doesn’t like. Cuomo could have ignored the message but instead decided to engage with the unverified account...

Voormalige WNBA-ster in hegtenis geneem, wat tereg staan ​​op verskeie aanklagte: verslag doen

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Schimmel, wat agter tralies gesit is na 'n beweerde gewelddadige voorval, word aangehou op aanklagte van aanranding en misdade, volgens TMZ Sports. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Sy is ook gemaklik ...

10-year-old killed in New York City after multiple shots fired at a Queens home, NYPD sê

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A 10-year-old boy was shot and killed Saturday night when an unknown shooter fired numerous rounds at a home in the Far Rockaway neighborhood of Queens, according to the New York Police Department. Police said the...

Amper 50 jare later, Illinois police make an arrest in the death of a teen found stabbed multiple times

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Almost five decades later, police have arrested and charged a man in the death of an Illinois teen whose body was found in a field stabbed multiple times. Barry Lee Whelpley, 76, of Mounds View, Minnesota, was arres...

Avenatti seeks freedom from home detention as multiple trials unfold

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The embattled attorney and onetime CNN darling is asking the U.S District Court judge who originally set the terms of his confinement to relax restrictions against him. A hearing is scheduled for Friday morning in Sa...

Biden administration’s return to Libya inexplicable when US faces multiple crises at home: Jim Jordan

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"When I talk with folks around our [kongres] distrik. They are not talking about getting American presence back in Libya. They're talking about the crisis on the border. They are talking about the fact that cr...

New Jersey officials: ‘Targeted attack,’ multiple firearms recovered, 1 gearresteer

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Cumberland County prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae announced during a press conference Monday that Kevin K. Dawkins, 36, had been arrested and charged with several counts related to weapons use and possession. The pros...

Philadelphia man accused of raping and stalking multiple women arrested

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Kevin Bennett, 28, was taken into custody around 1:50 nm. and is currently being held by the Marion County Sheriff's Office, arrest records show. The first rape occurred on May 16 by 5:00 vm., when Bennet allegedl...

Mets’ Kevin Pillar fought to be in lineup on Tuesday despite suffering multiple facial fractures

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"If I could see a little better, I’d be fighting about me being in the lineup today," Pillar stated. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Pillar was up with the bases loaded on Monday night when he took a 94 mph p...

Ingraham: Multiple crises expose weakness of President Biden’s leadership

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INGRAHAM: These problems really don't bother the Biden White House all that much. Either they're so rich that it doesn't matter, or they're hoping to benefit from a bigger and more powerful central government. Na ...

Kroegseienaar in Kalifornië word aangekla van verskeie misdrywe omdat hy na bewering vals Covid-19-inentingskaarte verkoop het, amptenare sê

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'N Kroeg-eienaar wat na bewering vals Covid-19-entstofkaartjies van sy onderneming verkoop het, is van verskeie misdrywe aangekla, insluiting van vervalsing en identiteitsdiefstal. Die eienaar is by sy kroeg in hegtenis geneem, die Old Corner Saloon, in Cle ...

Intruders break into the same Denny’s twice in one night to make multiple meals for themselves

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It’s not uncommon for people to break into restaurants and help themselves to some food. Gewoonlik, egter, the trespassers grab some food and then leave, since they probably don’t want to get caught. Two uni...

1 person is dead and multiple people shot in downtown San Diego with suspect in custody, sê die polisie

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A suspect is in custody after a fatal shooting Thursday night in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter left one person dead and others injured, according to the San Diego Police Department. Police responded to the incident in...

ACMS nominee Miranda Lambert dazzles at the award show with multiple looks

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The country music icon – who holds the most ever ACM nominations with a whopping 68 to her name – showed off three different outfits as she was quite busy during country music’s biggest night. Lambert came out the ga...

Voormalige Demokratiese burgemeester van Kalifornië, aangekla van verskeie seksmisdade teen kinders

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Robert Jacob, die vooruitstrewende voormalige burgemeester van Sebastopol in Sonoma County, is Saterdag in hegtenis geneem op vyf aanklagte van seksuele aanranding teen 'n minderjarige, het die polisie in Sebastopol in 'n verklaring gesê..

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