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Alex Murdaugh facing 21 new charges ahead of bond hearing

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Alex Murdaugh, the South Carolina attorney who allegedly arranged for a former client to kill him so that his son could collect a life insurance payout worth millions, faces a slew of new criminal charges over alleg...

Alex Murdaugh bond set in alleged insurance fraud scheme, as deaths of wife and son remain unsolved

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The South Carolina Attorney General’s Office had asked the judge to prevent Murdaugh from traveling to an out of state rehabilitation facility or be fitted with a GPS locator, but Murdaugh's defense attorneys pointed...

Alex Murdaugh agrees to a $4.3 million settlement in housekeeper case

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Suspended South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh has agreed to a $ 4.3 million settlement with the family of Gloria Satterfield, his former housekeeper, according to family attorney, Eric Bland. During a bond hearin...

Fauci intimideer wetenskaplikes om hom te weerspreek omdat 'hy al die befondsing beheer, verslag sê

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Fauci intimideer wetenskaplikes om hom te weerspreek omdat 'hy al die befondsing beheer. Fauci intimideer wetenskaplikes om hom te weerspreek omdat 'hy al die befondsing beheer. Fauci intimideer wetenskaplikes om hom te weerspreek omdat 'hy al die befondsing beheer, 52-Fauci intimideer wetenskaplikes om hom te weerspreek omdat 'hy al die befondsing beheer.

Alex Murdaugh waived handling of his son’s estate days before botched suicide, fraud scheme, rekords wys

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Op Aug. 27, Murdaugh, 53, signed away the right to personally represent the estate for his deceased son Paul, who at age 22 was found murdered at the family’s hunting estate in June, according to court records recent...

Alex Murdaugh, surviving son face 2 new lawsuits from boat crash victims

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The February crash of Murdaugh's boat that was allegedly piloted by his son left Mallory Beach, 19, dood, and Paul charged with three felony counts of boating under the influence. The lawsuits were filed Tuesday in t...

Murdaugh dubbele moorde: Former SC trooper speaks out about suspicions in 2015 cold case linked to family

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Todd Proctor was the lead state police investigator working the unsolved death of 19-year-old Stephen Smith, who was alleged to have been killed by a hit-and-run driver in Hampton County six years ago. The cold case ...

Alex Murdaugh is being sued by the survivor of a boat crash that involved his late son

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Alex Murdaugh, the prominent South Carolina attorney who has become embroiled in a scandal involving drug abuse and a botched life insurance fraud plot, is now being sued by a survivor of the 2019 boat crash involvi...

Murdaugh dubbele moorde: Oorlewende van die noodlottige bootongeluk beweer poging tot toesmeer in Suid-Carolina

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Connor Cook was aan boord van 'n boot wat deur Paul Murdaugh bestuur is toe dit in Februarie naby die Archers Creek Bridge naby Parris Island neergestort het. 2019, die 19-jarige passasier Mallory Beach oorboord te stuur. Sy is dood, another youn...

Nancy Grace skeur huilend vir Alex Murdaugh in die hof: 'Hy is jammer dat hy gevang is’

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"Hy is nie spyt dat hy dit gedoen het nie, hy is jammer dat hy gevang is," Grace het aan Fox News Digital gesê. Die misdaadkenner het onlangs na die South Carolina Lowcountry-streek gereis vir 'n moord-raaiselondersoek in Murdaugh, gaan direk ...

Die moordslagoffer van Suid -Carolina, Paul Murdaugh, het BAC verby 3 wettige limiet in dodelike 2019 bootongeluk

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'N Woordvoerder van die departement van natuurlike hulpbronne in Suid -Carolina het bevestig dat ondersoekers die toetsuitslag met 'n lasbrief uit die hospitaal ontvang het. Dit het getoon dat Murdaugh se bloedalkoholvlak was .286% meer as 'n ...

Alex Murdaugh, ou geld SC Demokraat, geweet hoe 'om politieke spel te speel’ in rooi toestand: GOP konsultant

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Murdaugh "geweet hoe om die politieke spel te speel," Michael Mule, 'n GOP politieke konsultant gebaseer in Charleston het aan Fox News Digital gesê, verduidelik dat Murdaugh meestal aan Demokratiese kandidate geskenk het, insluitend voormalige U...

Murdaugh dubbele moorde: South Carolina investigators release harrowing 911 oproepe

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Newly released 911 calls reveal the harrowing first moments after Murdaugh discovered his 22-year-old son, Paul, and 52-year-old wife, Maggie, on the ground. The recordings were released Thursday, weeks after Fox New...

Alex Murdaugh arrested again on new charges

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Once-prominent South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh was arrested in Florida on Thursday on suspicion of misappropriating settlement funds in connection with the 2018 death of his family's longtime housekeeper, outentiek ...

Murdaugh fatal boat crash: Videos show aftermath of incident involving South Carolina man who later was killed

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Authorities in South Carolina are still trying to determine who killed the 22-year-old and his mother Maggie Murdaugh — who are members of a prominent legal family — outside their sprawling 1,700 acre home in Islandt...

Alex Murdaugh waives his extradition hearing in Florida, will return to South Carolina to face charges

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Alex Murdaugh waived an extradition hearing in Florida on Friday, according to the Orange County Corrections office, and is expected to return to South Carolina to face charges related to the misappropriation of set...

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