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Senaatswedloop van Washington: GOP veterane regte leier om Demokratiese Sen. Patty Murray

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'N Militêre vrou en verpleegster, sy het vir haar man geveg nadat die weermagoffisier permanent verblind is tydens 'n aanval in Irak. Later, sy was 'n dryfveer in die druk wat gelei het tot hervormings by die Departement van Veearts..

NuggetsMurray tears ACL in left knee, out indefinitely

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The Nuggets announced the diagnosis in a statement Tuesday. It's a big blow to a team coming off a season in which it advanced to the Western Conference finals and is hoping to make another deep postseason run. Murra...

NuggetsJamal Murray suffers scary knee injury at end of game vs. Krygers

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Murray’s injury occurred in the final minute of the 116-107 verlies. He was helped off the court and did not return. Denver coach Michael Malone told reporters at the end of the game Murray would get an MRI to determine...

Douglas Murray on MLB’s All-Star Game move: Hopefully decision ‘backfires

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MOVING MLB ALL-STAR GAME FROM ATLANTA IS 'SERIOUS MISTAKE,' FORMER MISSIONER FAY VINCENT SAYS DOUGLAS MURRAY: I hope it will. I think everyone should hope it will because what's been going on here with Major League B...

Bill Murray says he was tricked into ‘Ghostbusters II,’ talks ‘painfulexperience filming third movie

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Murray played the sarcastic Dr. Peter Venkman in the franchise alongside Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and the late Harold Ramis. The Academy Award-nominated actor was honored at the 36th Santa Barbara International Film...

Andy Murray pulls out of Dubai Open after arrival of fourth child

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London Andy Murray has pulled out of next week's Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships after the birth of his fourth child. Matt Gentry, publicist for the two-time Wimbledon winner, told CNN Friday that reports that M...

‘I did not know if the door was locked’: Sy. Patty Murray relives hiding in her office while mob pounded outside

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Demokratiese sen. Patty Murray hid just "inches away" as violent rioters descended upon the US Capitol on January 6, pounding on the door to the office where she sheltered in place with her husband. "It wasn't long be...

‘On the Rocksfeatures Bill Murray in a pleasant ‘Lost in Translation’ reünie

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In 'n "Lost in Translation" reünie, writer-director Sofia Coppola lets Bill Murray let loose in "On the Rocks," an entertaining, wonderfully simple comedy with the qualities of a smooth martini -- it goes down easy,...

The Doobie Brothers aren’t happy that Bill Murray is using their song to sell ‘uglygolf shirts

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The Doobie Brothers claim actor Bill Murray has been using one of their songs without permission to sell "ugly" golf shirts and they want the actor to pay up. In a Wednesday letter to Murray and William Murray Golf ...