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NBA veteran Jeremy Lin will not name person who called him ‘coronaviruson the court

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Former NBA star Jeremy Lin will not be naming the person who called him "coronavirus" while he was playing basketball. Lin, who plays for the Santa Cruz Warriors, the G League, or minor league, affiliate of the Gold...

Student protesters urge state to change Dixie State University’s name

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State Senate leaders in Utah say a bill to rename Dixie State University will get a debate this session, after a group of students rallied at the Capitol in favor of removing "Dixie" from the school's name. Di 50...

An Indiana university retires its mascot that shares a name with the Ku Klux Klan newspaper

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Students who attend Valparaiso University are Crusaders no more. The Lutheran university, aligning with schools and professional sports teams that have recently nixed racist mascots, has announced it will replace it...

The Kansas City Chiefs are returning to the Super Bowland so is the controversy over the team’s name

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The Kansas City Chiefs are back for another Super Bowl. And inevitably, so is the longstanding controversy over the NFL team's name and Native American imagery. The racial justice movement that was reignited last su...

In the name of cricket sex, humans need to stop making noise

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We humans tend to spread and frolic about wherever we please, a development that has been found to harm animals' environments and health, and therefore ultimately our own. That may be the effect on crickets because ...

Name a cockroach after your ex and watch it get eaten for Valentine’s Day

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Ever felt like ripping your ex's head off? Well now you can. Sorta. For just $ 5, the San Antonio Zoo will name a cockroach after your former significant other and feed it to a bird, reptile or mammal. It's part of...

UC Berkeley rimuove il nome da un edificio scolastico a causa del controverso passato di un antropologo

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L'Università della California, Berkeley ha rimosso il nome dal suo edificio antropologico, Kroeber Hall -- chiamato per l'eminente antropologo americano Alfred Kroeber -- a causa della sua controversa storia con Nativ ...

Christina Anstead is back to her maiden name on Instagram amid divorce

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Nuovo anno, the old you. That's the case for Christina Anstead, who has changed her name amid her divorce from Ant Anstead. She will now go by her maiden name, Christina Haack, according to her Instagram bio. Haack,...

Colombia’s FARC party is changing its name to ‘Comunes

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Colombia's FARC political party, formed after the guerilla group with the same acronym was disbanded, has announced that it is is changing its name to "Comunes," o "Commons" in English. "I want to inform Colombia a...

Justin Timberlake e Jessica Biel hanno un nuovo bambino — e sappiamo il suo nome

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Justin Timberlake e la moglie Jessica Biel hanno un nuovo bambino. Confermando la buona notizia in una videochiamata con la conduttrice di talk show Ellen DeGeneres, il cantante e attore ha rivelato che il nome del suo nuovo figlio è Phineas. L'ex N ...

Biden intends to name Jaime Harrison as his pick for DNC chair

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President-elect Joe Biden intends to name Jaime Harrison, the former South Carolina Democratic Party chair and 2020 Candidato al Senato, to be the next chair of the Democratic National Committee, Democrats familiar wit...

Anne Hathaway rivela che l'abbiamo chiamata tutti con il nome sbagliato

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L'attrice premio Oscar Anne Hathaway vuole che tutti inizino a chiamarla con il suo soprannome, Annie. Hathaway, il cui film più recente "Chiuso" sarà presentato in anteprima su HBO Max giovedì, ha detto a Jimmy Fallon "The Tonight Sh ...

Utah university board votes to drop ‘Dixiefrom name after recent grads worried it affected job prospects

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Dixie State University in Utah is considering a name change after a recent study found the school's name had negative connotations and affected students and alumni looking for job opportunities outside the state. T ...

Biden per nominare Gina McCarthy al primo posto nel clima domestico

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Il presidente eletto Joe Biden nominerà Gina McCarthy come suo zar del clima della Casa Bianca, una fonte familiare con la decisione dice alla CNN, facendo dell'ex capo dell'Agenzia per la protezione dell'ambiente il suo miglior climatizzatore domestico..

I piani di Cleveland di abbandonare gli "indiani"’ dal nome della squadra è un cambiamento positivo, ma è atteso da tempo, Dicono i nativi americani

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La decisione di una squadra della Major League Baseball di rimuovere "Indiani" dal suo nome viene salutato come storico, ma i gruppi di difesa dei nativi americani insistono che la loro lotta per rimuovere tutte le mascotte sportive razziste è tutt'altro che finita. Phi ...

Cleveland MLB team to drop ‘Indiansfrom its name

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The Major League Baseball team in Cleveland, Ohio, will drop "Indiani" from its name, according to a report from The New York Times and later confirmed by other news outlets. The team declined to comment on the sit...