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Ollie named coach of new league designed for prep standouts

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Ollie will serve as coach and director of player development for Overtime Elite, which markets itself to players between 16 en 18 years old with promises of academic education and a six-figure salary. The league off...

Titans great Eddie George to be named head coach at Tennessee State: verslae

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KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . The Tennessee Titans great is expected to be the next head coach at Tennessee State, volgens verskeie verslae. George will join Hall of Famer Deion Sanders -- who is coachin...

Gabby Barrett, Jimmie Allen named ACM Awards 2021 new artists of the year

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The announcement comes a little over a week before the 56th ACM Awards are set to take place in Nashville, Tenn., where both country artists are set to perform. News of the achievement was delivered to the artists by...

A closed skating rink will be converted into a homeless shelter named after Alex Trebek

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A skating rink in Los Angeles set to be converted into a homeless shelter will bear the name of the late Alex Trebek, the famed host of "Gevaar!" Trebek, who hosted the popular game show for more than three decade...

A tree frog named Betty is this year’s Cadbury Easter Bunny mascot

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A tree frog from Florida named Betty has been named Cadbury's 2021 Easter Bunny. The White's tree frog, native to Australia, beat over 12,000 contenders for the coveted title, the Hershey Company announced in a new...

CNN Sport named Digital Publisher of the Year at the 2020 SJA British Sports Journalism Awards

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CNN Sport has been crowned Digital Publisher of the Year at the 2020 SJA British Sports Journalism Awards for the first time. Up against competition from Sky Sports, The Athletic UK, The Coaches' Voice, The Telegra...

2 attorneys named to lead investigation into Cuomo sexual harassment allegations

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A former federal prosecutor and an employment discrimination attorney have been selected to lead the investigation into sexual harassment claims made against Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the New York attorney gener...

NASA named the Perseverance rover’s landing spot for Octavia E. dienskneg, the pioneering Black science-fiction author

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Though they starred aliens, vampires and time travelers, Octavia E. Butler's celebrated science-fiction novels were often grounded on Earth. Her name and enduring legacy, wel, have made it as far as the Red Plane...

A spacecraft named for ‘Hidden Figuresmathematician Katherine Johnson has arrived on the International Space Station

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A spacecraft named for the famed NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson has arrived at the International Space Station with about 8,000 pounds of cargo in tow. The S.S. Katherine Johnson, a Northrop Grumman Cygnus res...

'N 8-jarige border collie met die naam Lulu erf 'n $5 miljoen vertroue

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'N Nashville-hond met die naam Lulu is 'n pas gemuntigde miljoenêr. Jip, jy het reg gelees. Haar eienaar se laaste testament het die 8-jarige border collie tot 'n baie bederfde pooch gemaak. "Sy is 'n goeie meisie," Martha ...

Mario Draghi word aangewys as die nuwe premier van Italië, kondig 'n politieke reënboog van kabinetskies aan

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Die volgende regering van Italië het vorm aangeneem, nadat Mario Draghi as premier benoem is en 'n kabinet aangekondig het wat gekies is uit die hele politieke spektrum van die land. Draghi, 'n prominente ekonoom, aanvaar die beste rol ...

After a decade in a shelter, a rescue dog named Wiggles finally has a home

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Wil jy meer inspirerend wees, positiewe nuus? Teken in op The Good Stuff, 'n nuusbrief ten goede in die lewe. Dit sal u inkassie elke Saterdagoggend verhelder. Wiggles had food, a backyard and plenty of laps to sit on at her...

Cow named after Posh Spice breaks world sales record

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London A pedigree heifer from Shropshire named after Posh Spice has been sold at auction for over $ 360,000 (£262,000,) breaking the world record for the prized Limousin breed. The fourteen-month-old Wilodge Poshsp...

Yogananda Pittman aangewys as waarnemende polisiehoof van die Amerikaanse Capitol na onluste

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Die Amerikaanse Capitol-polisie het 'n swart vrou as haar waarnemende polisiehoof aangestel nadat die voormalige hoof bedank het in die gevolge van die onvoldoende reaksie van die agentskap op oproermakers wat die Trump oproerig gemaak het..

Robert Lewandowski en Lucy Bronze het spelers van die jaar aangewys tydens die beste FIFA-sokkertoekennings

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Robert Lewandowski en Lucy Bronze is Donderdag onderskeidelik aangewys as die mans- en vrouespeler van die jaar tydens die beste FIFA-sokkertoekennings.. Die aanvaller van Bayern München, Lewandowski, het die kompetisie van Lionel Me afgeskeep..

Former gang member is named Missouri’s Teacher of the Year

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Darrion Cockrell hated school as a child, as he navigated the the foster care system. He joined a gang by age 10. But with the help of the educators around him, Cockrell worked his way up and eventually became a te...

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