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Parents dispute media narrative that critical race theory is not in schools: ‘Ridiculous,’ ‘a joke’

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Left-leaning outlets like CNN and MSNBC have argued that CRT, based on the notion U.S. institutions are inherently racist, is only saved for college level courses. CNN reporter Eva McKend repeated the claim while rep...

Democrats bend facts ‘to fit whatever narrative they need to keep their power’: Bongino

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DAN BONGINO: Here's what the life of a real Democrat is really like. When Democrats are wrong, they just change their story, not caring at all that they're contradicting their original idea. It doesn't matter. Take t...

How the media pushes a misleading narrative on the filibuster debate

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News coverage of the Senate filibuster debate often omits or downplays Democrats’ recent hypocrisy on the issue and fails to inform Americans of the role the filibuster serves in the Senate, according to Thomas Jippi...

Ron Klain shares New York Times piece to suggest supply crisis is ‘overhyped narrative’

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This followed a new piece from the New York Times titled "Why Christmas Gifts Are Arriving on Time This Year." In the article, reporter Niraj Chokshi suggested that any supply chain fears were ultimately unfounded by...

Young Black conservatives push back on narrative of all Black Americans being progressive

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"I think right now, conservatives and Republicans have an opportunity to bridge this gap to make these alliances," Conscious Conservative Movement CEO Felecia Killings told "Fox & Friends" host Ainsley Earhardt. ...

Gov. Noem pushes back on narrative GOP is anti-woman, says telemedicine abortions show left is ‘hypocritical’

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"This is an issue that those who are pro-choice try to dehumanize – that they try to make an argument that we don't care about women, that we don't care about these babies," Noem said during an online press briefing ...

Father of NYC shooting victim corrects media narrative of attack: ‘My son was ambushed and murdered’

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Williams explained that the tragedy has been told by other news publications as a stray bullet striking his son dead. But the Indiana father clarified that the exchange was intentional, as the 20-year-old was shot do...

Lawrence Jones explores the case that upends the media’s Rittenhouse race narrative

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KYLE RITTENHOUSE COULD HAVE A DEFAMATION LAWSUIT AFTER MEDIA CALLED HIM RACIST MURDERER: LEGAL EXPERTS  LAWRENCE JONES: If the liberal media were actual journalists, they wouldn't have to ask "what if this happened t...

Rittenhouse attorney blasts more misleading coverage of trial: ‘It just continues a false narrative’

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MacCallum opened the segment by referencing several instances of media pundits exaggerating or misconstruing details regarding the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting even after the conclusion of the trial. KYLE RITTENHOUSE CO...

ACLU busts Biden’s narrative on payments to illegals

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Biden had insisted that the story was "garbage" in response to a question from Fox News' Peter Doocy on Wednesday.  Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy.

Ibram X. Kendi backtracks after tweeting on study some say undermines his white privilege narrative

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Kendi, a humanities professor at Boston University, tweeted an article Friday by The Hill citing a study that found 34% of White students who applied to colleges and universities falsely claimed they were a racial mi...

Giants’ Joe Judge says spiraling Chiefs narrative ‘foolish’ for team to buy into

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New York Giants coach Joe Judge knows just how dangerous the Patrick Mahomes-led offense can be and isn’t exactly buying into the narrative that the two-time defending AFC champions are spiraling. CLICK HERE FOR MORE...

Concha on New York Times misreporting COVID cases: Are mistakes driven by motive to push narrative of fear?

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NEW YORK TIMES ISSUES MASSIVE CORRECTION AFTER OVERSTATING COVID HOSPITALIZATIONS AMONG CHILDREN JOE CONCHA: 840,000 missed, right? Just incredible. Look, this is why trust in media is where it is. Gallup found that ...

Watters: Democrats can’t control the narrative when people are allowed to speak freely on social media

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"Liberals destroy you when they can't debate," Watters began his monologue. "One thing we learned during the Trump term is the left will do whatever it takes to get their way. They will demolish anything and anyone w...

Brian Stelter distances himself from ‘bogus’ whipping media narrative at border after CNN pushed it all week

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However, multiple CNN figures pushed the storyline last week. Stelter, who is known by his critics of being the media's "janitor" by shielding the profession from criticism, began "Reliable Sources" on Sunday by ackn...

George P. Bush pushes back on WH whipping narrative, shares video of Border Patrol horses without ‘whips’

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Bush blasted the Biden administration's whipping narrative on Twitter Saturday amid the illegal immigration crisis plaguing the Biden administration. Bush shared a video of him meeting with horseback Border Patrol ag...

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