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‘Anti-woke’ candidate wins Texas school board race, says voters rejecting media’s ‘false narrative’ on race

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Smith is one of two school board candidates in Texas that have been elected amid a raging battle over critical race theory (CRT), prompting speculation about the issue's political saliency nationwide. Smith and Camer...

ACLU busts Biden’s narrative on payments to illegals

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Biden had insisted that the story was "garbage" in response to a question from Fox News' Peter Doocy on Wednesday.  Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy.

Bill Maher now admits Russiagate was ‘reported erroneously’ after years of pushing Trump collusion narrative

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For years, like many other liberal news outlets and late-night comedians, Maher pushed the conspiracy that the Trump campaign was in bed with the Kremlin during the 2016 presidential race, even going as far as declar...

Brian Sicknick death ruling debunks media narrative that fueled second Trump impeachment: Hurt

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Washington D.C.'s top medical examiner ruled Monday that Sicknick suffered two strokes and died of natural causes the day after he confronted rioters at the U.S. Capitol building Jan. 6. The ruling appears to contrad...

Brian Stelter distances himself from ‘bogus’ whipping media narrative at border after CNN pushed it all week

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However, multiple CNN figures pushed the storyline last week. Stelter, who is known by his critics of being the media's "janitor" by shielding the profession from criticism, began "Reliable Sources" on Sunday by ackn...

CNN’s Brian Stelter ignores mob’s attack on CNN news crew amid network’s peaceful Minnesota protest narrative

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A CNN crew was harassed in Brookly Center by demonstrators that are often labeled "peaceful" by the liberal network, as chaos following the police shooting of Daunte Wright continued. Video of the incident was viral ...

Concha on New York Times misreporting COVID cases: Are mistakes driven by motive to push narrative of fear?

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NEW YORK TIMES ISSUES MASSIVE CORRECTION AFTER OVERSTATING COVID HOSPITALIZATIONS AMONG CHILDREN JOE CONCHA: 840,000 missed, right? Just incredible. Look, this is why trust in media is where it is. Gallup found that ...

Democrats bend facts ‘to fit whatever narrative they need to keep their power’: Bongino

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DAN BONGINO: Here's what the life of a real Democrat is really like. When Democrats are wrong, they just change their story, not caring at all that they're contradicting their original idea. It doesn't matter. Take t...

DeSantis slams AP ‘hit piece’ on him promoting COVID treatment: Pushing ‘false narrative’ and playing ‘victim’

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"Well, it was clearly a partisan hit piece. They're trying to act like this is not an effective treatment- it was a bizarre theory to boost Regeneron stock price, but as you know Sean, President Trump bought out all ...

Father of NYC shooting victim corrects media narrative of attack: ‘My son was ambushed and murdered’

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Williams explained that the tragedy has been told by other news publications as a stray bullet striking his son dead. But the Indiana father clarified that the exchange was intentional, as the 20-year-old was shot do...

Fauci emails paint ‘disturbing picture’ of COVID narrative: Sen. Rand Paul

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SEN. RAND PAUL: [The emails] tell me that early on, [Fauci] was very worried... There's a disturbing picture… ‘Gain of function’ [research] is where you take an animal virus and you make it into a super-virus that in...

George P. Bush pushes back on WH whipping narrative, shares video of Border Patrol horses without ‘whips’

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Bush blasted the Biden administration's whipping narrative on Twitter Saturday amid the illegal immigration crisis plaguing the Biden administration. Bush shared a video of him meeting with horseback Border Patrol ag...

Giants’ Joe Judge says spiraling Chiefs narrative ‘foolish’ for team to buy into

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New York Giants coach Joe Judge knows just how dangerous the Patrick Mahomes-led offense can be and isn’t exactly buying into the narrative that the two-time defending AFC champions are spiraling. CLICK HERE FOR MORE...

Gov. Noem pushes back on narrative GOP is anti-woman, says telemedicine abortions show left is ‘hypocritical’

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"This is an issue that those who are pro-choice try to dehumanize – that they try to make an argument that we don't care about women, that we don't care about these babies," Noem said during an online press briefing ...

Greg Gutfeld: Media prefers groups over individuals in order to create a conflict narrative

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So it’s like Yankees vs Red Sox. Ali vs Frazier. Brian Stelter vs a foot-long hoagie. The media's done this to the religious, to Republicans, to Trump supporters, to flyover country - often pitting their elite activi...

Greg Gutfeld: The toxic, media-driven narrative about policing rides again

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SARA SIDNER, CNN, APRIL 12: You may notice that my eyes are very watery, um, that is because they have just, like, shot a huge amount of gas. It's CS gas. It's really the strongest I have ever had stood in before dur...

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