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Fauci emails paint ‘disturbing picture’ of COVID narrative: Sen. Rand Paul

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SEN. RAND PAUL: [The emails] tell me that early on, [Fauci] was very worried... There's a disturbing picture… ‘Gain of function’ [research] is where you take an animal virus and you make it into a super-virus that in...

Bill Maher now admits Russiagate was ‘reported erroneously’ after years of pushing Trump collusion narrative

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For years, like many other liberal news outlets and late-night comedians, Maher pushed the conspiracy that the Trump campaign was in bed with the Kremlin during the 2016 presidential race, even going as far as declar...

‘Anti-woke’ candidate wins Texas school board race, says voters rejecting media’s ‘false narrative’ on race

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Smith is one of two school board candidates in Texas that have been elected amid a raging battle over critical race theory (CRT), prompting speculation about the issue's political saliency nationwide. Smith and Camer...

Lawrence Jones explores the case that upends the media’s Rittenhouse race narrative

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KYLE RITTENHOUSE COULD HAVE A DEFAMATION LAWSUIT AFTER MEDIA CALLED HIM RACIST MURDERER: LEGAL EXPERTS  LAWRENCE JONES: If the liberal media were actual journalists, they wouldn't have to ask "what if this happened t...

Former AG Bill Barr refutes media narrative he was ‘toady’ to Trump, defends supporting him despite criticism

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In an interview that aired Monday on NPR's "Morning Edition," Barr called the media's description of his service under Trump "false," declared he felt he could be, and was, independent within his role, and expanded o...

Pompeo on Gen. Milley’s calls to China: Narrative about Trump’s final weeks ‘fundamentally false’

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MILLEY SPOKESMAN DEFENDS CALLS WITH CHINA AS 'VITAL' TO 'AVOIDING UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES OR CONFLICT' POMPEO: Well, I’m always skeptical about Bob Woodward. We will begin there. But if he did that. If General Milley...

Father of NYC shooting victim corrects media narrative of attack: ‘My son was ambushed and murdered’

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Williams explained that the tragedy has been told by other news publications as a stray bullet striking his son dead. But the Indiana father clarified that the exchange was intentional, as the 20-year-old was shot do...

Ravens’ Lamar Jackson says he loves team, rips ‘false narrative’ about him leaving Baltimore

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The 2019 NFL MVP on Wednesday tweeted that he loves the team and lashed out at a "false narrative" surrounding his playing future with the Ravens.  "I love my Ravens I don't know who the hell putting that false narr...

Greg Gutfeld: Media prefers groups over individuals in order to create a conflict narrative

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So it’s like Yankees vs Red Sox. Ali vs Frazier. Brian Stelter vs a foot-long hoagie. The media's done this to the religious, to Republicans, to Trump supporters, to flyover country - often pitting their elite activi...

Ibram X. Kendi backtracks after tweeting on study some say undermines his white privilege narrative

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Kendi, a humanities professor at Boston University, tweeted an article Friday by The Hill citing a study that found 34% of White students who applied to colleges and universities falsely claimed they were a racial mi...

ACLU busts Biden’s narrative on payments to illegals

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Biden had insisted that the story was "garbage" in response to a question from Fox News' Peter Doocy on Wednesday.  Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy.

New York Times reporter deflects from Durham probe developments by refueling Russia collusion narrative

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A court filing made late Friday by Special Counsel John Durham, who was appointed during the Trump administration to investigate the origins of the Russia probe, revealed that a tech firm coordinated with the Clinton...

DeSantis insists narrative of Trump rivalry is ‘total bunk’: He’s ‘a friend of mine’

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DeSantis sat down in an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital on Monday in Tallahassee, Florida, during which he stated that he's on good terms with Trump. "Donald Trump's a friend of mine. He is proud when peopl...

Leo Terrell: Democrats are afraid of Larry Elder because he doesn’t fit their narrative

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ELDER URGES SUPPORTERS TO REPORT ‘ANYTHING SUSPICIOUS’ IN CALIFORNIA RECALL ELECTION LEO TERRELL: The Republicans and the ‘YES’ [voters] on recall, they want Kamala Harris here, because she’s a reminder of the disast...

Republicans blast Mayorkas for pushing ‘absolutely shameful’ narrative about ‘domestic terrorism’

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During testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, Mayorkas reaffirmed his assessment that "domestic violent extremism represents the greatest terrorism-related threat to the homeland."  Rep. Greg Ste...

In Putin’s vision for the world, a medieval narrative resurfaces

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has given several explanations for his country's war on Ukraine, and some are more plausible than others. They include stopping NATO's advance towards Russia's borders, protecting fe...